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Trip to the north of Thailand Part 1

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  • Trip to the north of Thailand Part 1

    Decided to visit several places we had never been to before for different reasons.

    Drove to Mae Sot on the Burma/Myanmar border first day, nothing much there but I quite like the place having visited it last year on our way to Thi Lor Su waterfall.
    Next day headed north to Mae Hong Son, on the way visited a mountain famous for being yellow with wild flowers around November, very popular with the Thais. A tough drive up there after a hard drive already as the road from Mae Sot isn't easy, this place is about another 20 to 30 km off the main road, need a good reliable and powerful vehicle and that's for all the places we visited.

    Made Mae Hong son for the night after dark found a nice resort to stay 1000bht a night with breakfast. After breakfast visited the long neck tribe or the Kayen as they like to be called. As a foreigner you have to pay 250 to enter the village " To help them with food and medical care as they are not allowed to work in Thailand". Bought a few trinkets there and returned to town. Did a couple of temples in town one on the mountain top overlooking the city. Then drove on towards Pai.

    On the way stopped at Pang Ung (Pang Tong) which is an alpine lake high in the mountains near the Burma border, so peaceful, loved it there, you can camp there too. Hired a bamboo raft to be rowed around the lake which was nice and not expensive reluctantly left this place to visit a Chinese village Ban Rak Thai where most Thais in the area visit, eat or stay the night. Also stopped and walked across the bamboo bridge of Su Thong Pae over the little river to the temple and back. This is best done in the rainy season as the rice had all been harvested. You pass the bridge on the way up to the lake. Continued our journey to Pai stopping at the Fish Cave by the side of the road 20 bht got Thai price. A pleasant walk along the river to a cave where the river comes out . Lots of fish to feed and a walk back on the other side of the river. Nice place. Made Pai after dark so no time to stop at Lots cave, which will be in Pt 2.

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    Sounds a great area to visit. Look forward to the next instalment
    'Tis me


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      Sorry did try to paste a few photos but couldn't but you will find plenty of photos on the net of the places we visited.