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Thi Lo Su waterfall, Umphang, Tak province.

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  • Thi Lo Su waterfall, Umphang, Tak province.

    Been meaning to visit this waterfall (Thailands highest and biggest) for a few years now. It really is way off the beaten track and about 840 km north of Pattaya.
    Decided to break the journey into two as the roads are not supposed to be good after Tak.

    On the way we spent a few hours at Kamphaeng Phet's historical parks there are actually two sites in the town close together. !00bht each site or 150 for both, less for Thais. The sites are well maintained and pleasant to walk around, very similar to Sukhothai but not quite as well preserved. A much needed rest from the drive and after lunch we decided to head north and look for accommodation.

    When getting fuel we were told the road to Mae Sot has been improved and we would get to Mae sot before dark which we did. This used to be a very dangerous road but is now dual carriageway and much safer. Found a lovely resort just outside town for 450bht an absolute bargain. Next day we headed south to Umphang the small town nearest the waterfall. There is over 1200 bends in this road through the mountains so the 164 kilo journey takes some time and patience. The road is single track and a few land slides had restricted it's width in places, but the road was good, just slow going.

    Arrived in Umphang earlier than expected so we went straight to the National Park. 200bht for us and 40 for Thais as usual. We had to prove we were all fully vaccinated, then we were allowed entry, I guess you would have to take a test if you weren't. I have a Toyota Hilux 2WD so you have to park up and use a taxi cost 1600bht for the 28 km to the falls, fortunately friends shared the cost. A rough ride indeed. An easy walk of about 1.5 km to the falls which are the biggest and highest in Thailand and for me the most beautiful. You are not allowed to swim there too dangerous we were told.

    Returned to Umphang and booked into our pre booked accommodation by the river, recently refurbished due to floods in September. Lovely place again 500bht with breakfast.

    Next morning took a raft along one of the local rivers nothing scary more lazy river but a nice couple of hours. After lunch we drove carefully back to Mae Sot and a new hotel for the night, very posh and modern but less than 600bht if pre booked. Next day drove straight home but stopping for the usual bits and bobs for sale by the side of the road. Home way before dark Amphur Sattahip.

    Really enjoyed the trip even though it was a lot of traveling. Very beautiful up there and felt very close to nature, which I love.

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    Good report. I guess it's the cool season in Thailand now so a good time to travel I expect. The proprietors of hotels / resorts must have been pleased to see you as I don't suppose very many non-Thais travelling to remote places like that. Long may it remain possible to find lovely accomodation at such reasonable prices! Would the falls still be open during the rainy season, or would it be too risky? Were you able to take any photos yourself that resembled the ones on file?


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      The falls only opened a couple of weeks ago, in September there was a large flood much of the area was under water. The accommodation wasn't the only thing that was good value we found meals out surprisingly cheap too and good.