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    To be honest and non biased I should state that their website says there are strict measures in place for Covid 19. I didn't have this information at the time.

    However whilst in the area the wife was told it was a lovely place to visit so we headed off for lunch and drinks to check the place out. After several kilometers of driving on some of the worst roads in Thailand (thought I was back in 90's Cambodia) we arrived at the destination. Security man said if we wanted to come in we had to eat there and bring the receipt to him for him to let us out or there was a charge of 200bht for release. We fully intended to eat but this made me very unhappy. Then when we passed through the gate we were asked to provide proof of vaccination, both myself and the wife are fully vaccinated, however our daughter is not. They would not let us in unless she had a test which they charged 500bht for. So we left and will NEVER darken any Movenpick resorts by our presence again. Just our experience but I thought I'd share.