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  • Thailand opening?

    The last time we were in Thailand was Dec/Jan last year. Mostly holiday/ family and some business thrown in.
    On the business side I entered into an agreement to lease approximately 12 rai of commercial land on the side of a major highway about 60km from the Cambodian border. It was previously used 5 years ago as a builders merchants and yard with a couple of (now derelict) buildings.
    We agreed terms and a ‘holding deposit’ was paid as we still had to get planning permission to build our factory. This permission was granted six moths ago but with COVID everything has been on hold. Especially as I cannot travel to Thailand and complete the legal work. The land owner is very relaxed and she understands the situation. Last week we paid another ‘holding deposit’ as a token of good faith. There are certain organizations and government institutions that are supposed to help foreign investment. Some good, some bad and we have had dealings with the bad ones before many years ago. However, after bombarding our contact with emails on a weekly basis, it appears that Thailand will be opening up fairly soon.
    Requirements; COVID vaccination proof, covid test within 72 hours of arrival, another test on arrival (at airport) and full COVID medical insurance. If I am registered as spouse to a Thai national (who owns property), they will come under the same requirements.
    I had already booked flights in mid December and postponed. Re booked for 16th June. I’m hoping this will all be in place for these dates.
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