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Thai Airways reorganisation

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  • Thai Airways reorganisation


    I am sure like everyone else who is on Thai Airways mailing list received the email about Thai Airways current situation.

    Dear Valued customers,
    We would like to inform our valued customers that certain letters, documents, or notifications may be delivered to you via E-mail or SMS in accordance with the business reorganization process of Thai Airways International Public Company Limited consequent to the relevant business reorganization petition filed with and found for by the Central Bankruptcy Court.
    During the period where the company undergoes the business reorganization, which plays a significant role to its survival, the company remains resolute to ensure our customers are provided with the best care within its current capability, especially for those whose airfare refunds are pending as well as honor certain benefits for our Royal Orchid Plus members, including membership status and miles being the most important . Please rest assured that the company shall overcome this crisis, albeit great magnitude, and be ‘Airline of Pride’ which offers the best on-flight services for our valued customers once again. Any update and progress will be further communicated to you via various channels.
    On this occasion, please allow us to express our gratitude for your kind understanding and patronage through these years. It is our greatest hope to be able to serve you again in the near future.
    Best regards,
    Thai Airways International Public Company Limited
    I did not receive any further correspondence. However, my wife did receive an email from the bankruptcy court about Thai Airways.
    This is one part of the document which was attached to the email.

    The email also contains two links to documentation for the case which is in both Thai and English which I have copied below (hopefully does not breach any link rules).

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    Looks like the same email I got, that arrived with me this morning


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      So for the layman that knows nothing, how does this affect people that have got tickets booked with them for later in the year?
      Yeah that would be me
      Travelled with EVA for years and the one time Thai came out cheaper I thought why not, typical.
      Bye Bye EU Day 31st December 2020 (11 p.m.)


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        It makes no difference Gary, your tickets remain valid, the airline will not be different, they are just trying to 'sort out' their debt so are entering what we in the UK call 'administration' or the Yanks call 'Chapter 11 Bankruptcy'. Nothing to be concerned about.

        Once they reorganise they'll be back. The Thai government will not let the airline fail - they'd lose too much face!
        Tobias - โทเบียส
        It’s better to be 6 feet apart than to be 6 feet under.


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          OK, thanks Mr T, thought that might be the case but a little reassurance goes a long way. Mind you, don't know if we will be able to fly in October, but that's another matter.

          I remember, a long time ago now, the company I last worked for went in to Chapter 11. Survived after selling off bits here and there, just stopped the vultures being able to pick them apart.
          Bye Bye EU Day 31st December 2020 (11 p.m.)


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            Thai Airways rehabilitation plan to introduce a new ticket refund policy
            Adam Judd
            Monday, 17 August 2020, 22:55

            Thai Airways rehabilitation plan to introduce a new ticket refund policy
            Chansin Treenuchagron, Acting President of Thai Airways International, revealed today, August 17, that the terms and details of their customer’s refund policy were included in the rehabilitation plan and were expected to take effect as soon as the examination of the rehabilitation petition by the Central Bankruptcy Court was completed.
            The Central Bankruptcy Court had initially started the rehabilitation petition of Thai Airways International today but the first trial has not yet been completed. The court, therefore, set more hearing dates for the petition on August 20 and August 25. Thai Airways will also bring witnesses to testify to the court on the day.
            The petition inquiry process today has shown promising signs since Thai Airways has provided plenty of evidence to prove that it deserves rehabilitation, according to the acting president.
            “If the inquiry process was completed and the court had ordered the company to conduct the rehabilitation plan, we will follow the plan right away and the Legal Execution Department will notify all creditors about the registration procedure.” Chansin told the Associated Press.
            Regarding their customer’s ticket refunds, Chansin reassured that Thai Airways had the policy to make it more convenient for customers to maintain their right to receive the full refund of purchased tickets. The Pattaya News notes that many customers are still waiting for ticket refunds and many comment on a regular basis on our social media channels.
            Chansin added: “All customers would not have to spend much time and money during the refund procedure. They would only have to fill an application form to refund their payment. The rest of the process would be done by our officers.”
            The progress of the rehabilitation plan is expected to be operated within 1-2 months after the date of the rehabilitation approval and the appointment of the planning team by the Thai Government Gazette team.