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  • Time outside UK for UK resident

    Hi everyone, many of you will know that I have recently had a house built in Thailand with the intention of spending increasingly more time here. I'm still at the stage of "dipping my toe into the water". I'm here now on a 90 day Non Imm O based on marriage. I arrived on 12 October and the exit or allowed until stamp I got on arrival is 9 January 2021. The plan is to extend that for a further 90 days. I'm not entirely certain about the timing of when that needs to be done but my reason for this post relates more to my UK status if I am out of the country for any length of time.

    My accountant has already told me that if I am absent the UK for more than 183 days then we will need to discuss further but apart from the tax side of things does anybody know about the social services / NHS eligibility side of things - or the best link to research the matter. I won't be eligible for the State pension for another 18 months. I already have full contributions, which is just as well because there is precious little hope of me finding any work before "retirement".

    All constructive comments welcome. Thanks - Allan

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    Hi Allan , as regards the NHS look here . But really if it is a case of simply spending more time in LOS and you still have an address here it is a non issue, imo.

    I think it would be pragmatic not to de register from your GP .

    All the best Richard
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