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    Hi, I just joined the Thailand-UK site. I am looking for some help with moving some household goods to Bangkok. Is anyone moving to the Bangkok area before end 2019, and would be prepared to provide some space in their sea shipment? I would of course pay for my share

    I lived in Bangkok for eight years and returned to Manchester two years ago. We loved it there so much that we bought a condo in Bangkok which will be completed at the end of this year. We will only use the condo on a part time basis and wanted to send over some household goods – mostly used household goods that can be expensive in Thailand

    Please let me know

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    First off, Welcome to the Site Sunny

    It's been a few days since your post with no response so it's possible that no one has what you require, but this will bump your thread back up just in case people have not seen it yet.
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      Maybe worth Private Message to Flip, he's seems to be forever transporting goods backwards and forwards.


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        This company had a stall at the Magic Thailand Fesitival in Norwich today


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          I used this company last year to move a euro size pallet with 50 tubs of samples totalling 1mt. The volumetric size was circa 1m x 1.2m x 2.1m high
          Cost was £476 all inc
          Straight forward
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            Thanks for this heads up. I used Mark Ratcliffe's company to move some household goods to Bangkok. It was very straightforward -- as it happens, it was Mark who picked up my boxes from Manchester. My boxes were sent to London and put into a container -- they arrived in Bangkok within 5 weeks and were transported to my condo.
            Simple and good value. I would recommend this company


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              I moved some stuff to Thailand recently with Mark Radcliffe.

              The quote started off reasonable, around £1,200 which was simply a whole lot of cartons of clothes and stuff. Then my wife added various items and it grew substantially. I kept them informed of the growing list and several times told them I was concerned about the cost and I did not want it to go above £3,000. They told me several times not to worry and did not give me revised estimates. So I didn't worry. They collected everything from my house, took it all to their warehouse down south, and a few days later said I needed an entire container, and the cost was £6,600. I was furious of course, but what could I do ? They had everything already, if I had wanted to get a cheaper quote I would have had to pay him for his costs to date and then pay to have it collected from his warehouse. Or go down to the warehouse, unpack everything, take out stuff of little value and have a waste disposal company take that portion away ? None of this was practical so I had to proceed and eat into the house sale proceeds. When the stuff arrived at the house in Thailand, I had a look in the container - I'm sure the volume I had could have gone in a shared container and costs would have been less.

              In summary, yes I made mistakes. I should have insisted on new quotes during the process. And £3,000 was not realistic in hindsight but I did feel totally ripped off at the end of the day. It was a good service for sure, but my advice is, get several quotes and know exactly what you are going to take, or of you don't get prices for various options. Had they given me new estimates of the growing cost as we went along, we would have rowed back on a lot of stuff and given it to charity or landfill.

              The stuff we had shipped over was not worth £6,600. I could have sent it all to charity and landfill and purchased brand new in Thailand for less then that. Had I known the costs in advance, that is what I would have done. Just shipped over personal and sentimental items. Do not make the same mistakes I did, and as I said insist on quotes for various sizes of shipment if you aren't sure what you are taking at the outset.


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                The cost for ocean freight has gone through the roof due to the pandemic.
                I have goods that I have paid deposits on, but due to the shipping costs I am holding back, the shipping freight is costing more than the goods.


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                  Still thats a tidy sum when you are starting off with £1200 as a quote and are told not to worry. On the upside Ray wooly socks are now a thing of the past
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                    Originally posted by richardb View Post
                    Still thats a tidy sum when you are starting off with £1200 as a quote and are told not to worry.
                    I know, I was getting quotes of £1600 - £1800 in October for 40ft containers to arrive in the UK late Jan early Feb. I never have goods shipped in the run up to Xmas, costs are always at the highest at that time of year anyways. But when the goods were ready for shipping I am now getting quoted 8k plus, then there is still the road freight to take in to account.

                    The increases started going up in November and not just to the UK. I think it will be a few more months before we see a drop in ocean freight rates.

                    Shipping container shortage is causing shipping costs to rise (


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                      Very interesting. Our stuff left mid October and arrived at the end of November. The cost was door to door to Chiang Rai, so that will have added a couple of hundred probably.


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                        Originally posted by ray8472 View Post
                        Our stuff left mid October and arrived at the end of November. The cost was door to door to Chiang Rai, so that will have added a couple of hundred probably.
                        Considering ocean freight to the UK was still very sensible in price during Oct/Nov from Asia, I am not surprised you are angry at paying £6600.
                        They should of at least warned you, when I get a quote it tends to be valid for roughly 10/14 days.

                        I was speaking to my shipping agent today, the current prices from China to the UK are 10,000 to 12,000 USD for a 40ft container, that is the going rate from the 15th to the 26th Feb. He said he does not expect to see prices below 5-6000 USD for at least 6 months.

                        I had 4 containers arrive from Lithuania last week, another 4 will be getting shipped next week. I have also placed another order for 48 containers to arrive over the next 6 months.

                        Anyone thinking of moving personal possessions to Thailand, should hang fire.
                        Shipping container chaos continues with import prices from the Far East surging | This is Money