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[Is health insurance necessary to live in Thailand]

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  • [Is health insurance necessary to live in Thailand]

    Hi moving to thai wandering if you,ve got to have private medical insurance or can you just have enough money in bank thanks
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    LAIN Welcome to Thailand-UK, it’s good to see you here and I hope you stay around especially if you’re moving to the Land of Smiles. There are many knowledgeable people here who are willing to offer their experiences of all things Thai and hopefully one of those kind folks we come along shortly with their wisdom.
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      Originally posted by LAIN View Post
      Hi moving to thai wandering if you,ve got to have private medical insurance or can you just have enough money in bank thanks
      Welcome to the forum!

      When are you planning on moving here? As from today, 29 provinces are in full lockdown and curfew, including mine and that will continue at least until the end of the month, although they state for 14 days initially.

      Currently, it's a requirement to have covid19 health insurance of a value up to 3.5m baht before travel, which you can arrange via a UK or approved Thai provider.

      If you are applying to stay here on a non-imm AO (retirement visa) only, then you will also need health insurance over and above covid19 insurance, that provides the following: For outpatient, not less than 40,000 Baht and inpatient, not less than 400,000 Baht, for the whole period of your stay in Thailand. For other non-imm visas, currently there is no requirement for health insurance.

      As for whether you need health insurance generally, outpatient costs are reasonable, especially in public hospitals, as are in patient services, where you can find them and have confidence in the hospital. But costs are more in private hospitals, bearing in mind most 'GP's' here work out of a hospital. I once had what I learnt was an in-growing toe nail that was painful and upon arrival to see my GP (Bangkok Hospital Hua Hin - private) I was referred to a surgeon instead. Within 15 minutes of arrival, I was being operated on and everything was sorted, thankfully. That cost me about 7000 baht plus meds.

      However, if you have to stay overnight in a private hospital, costs soar. For a private hospital in Hua Hin, without insurance, you are looking at 1k UK GDP per night plus food and treatment. If you need surgery, as I did last year, you will need very deep pockets.
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        thanks for reply we not moving over until next november so can we just take out normal travel insurance with covid 19 and once we in thailand just pay cash if we need hospital thanks


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          Personally my advice would be to get good insurance from the UK if you can, it may not be possible if there is no return address but I would try. Then look around whilst you are here for something. It's expensive here insurance and they are always looking for get outs. Where I am government hospitals are poor and overworked and private ones are very expensive. I needed a hernia op was advised by a doctor to not have it done at his hospital and go private, cost, 70,000bht but some were double that almost. If you are taken ill here without insurance you will spend all your savings very quickly or will be in inferior government hospitals which some are awful.


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            I have recently sorted out some well overdue health insurance. After having a couple of minor procedures done in a Government hospital over the past few years I found the cost very reasonable. However, I was more worried about having to stay in hospital which could then work out very expensive. I'm in the 60+ bracket so I knew it wouldn't be cheap. I ended up going to an insurance broker who recommended a company called Cigna. It's an American company and their health insurance plans are quite affordable. I took a policy that covers me for inpatient only, a total limit of 800.000 baht. Covers everything after a short qualifying period. A couple of things that attracted me to them was that they will take you up to the age of seventy. Once you are insured they will cover you to any age.
            Also, there is no excess. It covers every hospital in Thailand, 90% of them you just show your insurance card, the other 10% you have to pay upfront and claim the amount back after. However, on the list of hospitals I was sent with the policy, only one in Pattaya did that method.
            Using a broker was the same price as applying online.
            The price for this policy is 28.500 per annum. For peace of mind, I can't put an amount on that.
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