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    Originally posted by Casey Jones View Post
    Not sure if this link will work but its for expat health cover
    I use Thailand as a specific country, even though my plan covers outside TH (90 days per trip), most of the plans are international expat plans at Dot.Com, some insurance companies also have websites, this is the same for the company I use, where the fees are less horrifying, other things to look out for is the age range IE some may cover up to 75 years and thats their cut off age, I make sure up to 99 years, typically the younger you join them, the longer the age range, almost always better to join before 60 if possible. Other fine print issues normally include cataracts, two year wait or have eyes checked send them the report if report is ok, they will dispense with the two year waiting period, this can / does apply to prostrate, with other cancers etc they can have a 180 day waiting period, and of course COVID-19 has a 14 day waiting period, other issues can include emergency evacuations, you may find you need to be a certain distance from your Thai registered address, as always read the small print.
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      Cheers bud I'll take a good look at that .