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    Going back to the topic, I got my Covid insurance with misterprakan, all done and dusted in about 30 minutes. Hope I don't find out if it works, I would rather go home 555


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      I also used this insurance company and found them easy to deal with and the policy was accepted without question by RTE.

      So I now has three different travel insurance policies.
      The one above.
      My Nat West one that comes with Black Account. Not acceptable to RTE, probably as it does not have C19 written in big writing on the front.
      And one with Etihad that seems to cover first 30 days, so maybe useful if I need to get home in a hurry.
      I too hope that I will not be using any of the above.

      I note that UK flights are still arriving in LOS as of this morning and that all arrivals are dealt with in a speedy ad efficient manner, as long as all documents are correct.

      I hope that it stays like this for the next few weeks. But with my luck 'Dither and Panic Boris' will open his mouth..........