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  • CoE Covid Insurance

    Whilst doing some research to sort out some CoE Covid covering insurance I found a few places where you can get some. Theses are allegedly Government approved!
    Please add more if you know of any

    This is some others on but not many links

    Trying to get home to see my wife

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    I got the one from the broker, Mister Prakan, insurance company is ACS. It was accepted for the COE. The certificate states clearly on the front "includes Covid19" which I thought was very important. Some policies you have to dig down to find that, if you find it at all.


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      ray8472 Thanks Ray
      Trying to get home to see my wife


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        I applied via, Mister Prakan, last night and got the paperwork this morning and as stated by Ray it clearly states on the front page that C19 cover is provided and your name DOB and trip dates, so easy to forward to Embassy. Have a look at the website for quotation.


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          Barrington Thanks, I will have a look at them
          Trying to get home to see my wife


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            VISA/COE Progress but slowly slowly.
            Having submitted my £150 C19 insurance to RTE London, I received an email saying that my application for a Visa had been approved, cost £150, reference No.280, (so not too many people applying).
            Obviously this is a bit like buying car insurance, before you have chosen the car, as you kind of have to buy the insurance before knowing that you can actually travel.
            So a £300 gamble in my case. nWell, actually it cost £30 for a CRB check and £40 for a Doctors letter saying that I did not have some misc. conditions.
            The RTE then said that they would take 10 days to return my passport.
            So about a four weeks in total from sending it to RTE to getting it back.

            So armed with the reference number 280, I attempted to apply for a COE, which is a multistage process.

            In the part where you are required to enter your visa, I put a copy of my email from RTE and used my 280 reference number.
            (note if you are planning to do this, you need to click the upload button for each and every photo, otherwise you just go round in circles)

            Surprise surprise, even though they actually have my passport at the RTE and had agreed to give me a Visa, ref 280, I have to wait the 10 days to actually get my passport back, before I can commence the COE process.
            Computer says NO.

            I then spoke to Etihad regarding a flight and I got the impression that I could well be flying on a near empty plane in early Jan.Cost £500ish.

            Which leads on the ASQ Hotel choice.
            Looking at the information available, you can stay in BKK or Pattaya from about £1000 to £1500. Which includes bread and water, but booze not allowed. Some rooms offer a pool view, or balcony, some seem to offer limited escape from Loom options after 7 days good behaviour. The ones in Pattaya seem to charge 2000tb for taxi from airport.
            Which all seems a bit expensive as Thai National flying Thai Airways cost £1072 all in.
            I have noted that apart from the Embassy ASQ list, there is one for Non Thai nationals on the Thai Airways website, which looks OK.

            Does any one have any recommendations, or ASQ experience?

            Finally a note on C19 testing and Fit to fly. I am going to go with a VIVO clinic test in person at £150 and the same company will sort out a separate Doctors fit to fly certificate, with the Dr confirming that they have viewed the test results for £49.
            So another £200.
            You can do a self test and risk not doing it correctly and then posting it, but it all looks a bit tight when you have only 72 hours.
            The 400tb Thai Doctor option referred to above could result in you being rejected. So its probably £49 well spent to get it all sorted in the one place.

            So total additional cost of around £570 plus the flight at £500 and ASQ hotel at £1000.