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    Whilst doing some research to sort out some CoE Covid covering insurance I found a few places where you can get some. Theses are allegedly Government approved!
    Please add more if you know of any

    This is some others on but not many links


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    I got the one from the broker, Mister Prakan, insurance company is ACS. It was accepted for the COE. The certificate states clearly on the front "includes Covid19" which I thought was very important. Some policies you have to dig down to find that, if you find it at all.


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      ray8472 Thanks Ray


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        I applied via, Mister Prakan, last night and got the paperwork this morning and as stated by Ray it clearly states on the front page that C19 cover is provided and your name DOB and trip dates, so easy to forward to Embassy. Have a look at the website for quotation.


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          Barrington Thanks, I will have a look at them


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            VISA/COE Progress but slowly slowly.
            Having submitted my £150 C19 insurance to RTE London, I received an email saying that my application for a Visa had been approved, cost £150, reference No.280, (so not too many people applying).
            Obviously this is a bit like buying car insurance, before you have chosen the car, as you kind of have to buy the insurance before knowing that you can actually travel.
            So a £300 gamble in my case. nWell, actually it cost £30 for a CRB check and £40 for a Doctors letter saying that I did not have some misc. conditions.
            The RTE then said that they would take 10 days to return my passport.
            So about a four weeks in total from sending it to RTE to getting it back.

            So armed with the reference number 280, I attempted to apply for a COE, which is a multistage process.

            In the part where you are required to enter your visa, I put a copy of my email from RTE and used my 280 reference number.
            (note if you are planning to do this, you need to click the upload button for each and every photo, otherwise you just go round in circles)

            Surprise surprise, even though they actually have my passport at the RTE and had agreed to give me a Visa, ref 280, I have to wait the 10 days to actually get my passport back, before I can commence the COE process.
            Computer says NO.

            I then spoke to Etihad regarding a flight and I got the impression that I could well be flying on a near empty plane in early Jan.Cost £500ish.

            Which leads on the ASQ Hotel choice.
            Looking at the information available, you can stay in BKK or Pattaya from about £1000 to £1500. Which includes bread and water, but booze not allowed. Some rooms offer a pool view, or balcony, some seem to offer limited escape from Loom options after 7 days good behaviour. The ones in Pattaya seem to charge 2000tb for taxi from airport.
            Which all seems a bit expensive as Thai National flying Thai Airways cost £1072 all in.
            I have noted that apart from the Embassy ASQ list, there is one for Non Thai nationals on the Thai Airways website, which looks OK.

            Does any one have any recommendations, or ASQ experience?

            Finally a note on C19 testing and Fit to fly. I am going to go with a VIVO clinic test in person at £150 and the same company will sort out a separate Doctors fit to fly certificate, with the Dr confirming that they have viewed the test results for £49.
            So another £200.
            You can do a self test and risk not doing it correctly and then posting it, but it all looks a bit tight when you have only 72 hours.
            The 400tb Thai Doctor option referred to above could result in you being rejected. So its probably £49 well spent to get it all sorted in the one place.

            So total additional cost of around £570 plus the flight at £500 and ASQ hotel at £1000.


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              Fair play to you Barrington for going through all this but I for one think that it is far too much hassle just to get back there and until they reduce some of their restrictions will not be jumping through their hoops just for them to have the pleasure of relieving me of my hard earned (well not so much these days) money.

              Yes I miss the place and this will be my first Christmas/New Year at home for 20 years but there is a limit to the hassle I need just to take a holiday. It will all be there when they come to their senses, albeit maybe changed a bit, certainly as far as Pattaya (my usual haunt) is concerned.

              Good luck matey.
              Bye Bye EU Day 31st December 2020 (11 p.m.)


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                And still waiting for Thai Embassy to return my passport. I thinks it was because:
                King Day holiday
                Queen Hoiday
                Old Kings holiday
                Religious day holiday
                Only work three days a week holiday
                I did not get a job working for the Government to actually work Holiday
                And computer says it takes 10 days to attach a visa into a passport for £150 holiday, then I need a rest, before I put it in the post tray holiday.
                And I bet they get Xmas holidays too.
                So basically no chance of the Thai tourist industry this side of 2025 at this rate.


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                  Good news.
                  Finally, I received my passport back from Thai Embassy with nice new visa stamp. One year multi entry. About a month in total as they initially rejected my travel insurance via Nat West and so I booked another one and re-submitted, then of course the RTE was closed for a week.

                  I booked flight with Etihad, paid for using their travel bank into which I paid £2k earlier in the year for £3k credit. £350 net cost. And the Eithad booking agent seemed to think that the plane would be almost empty, so no point paying for a seat booking, was his suggestion, as staff would spread passengers out across the plane at check in. Will still try to book a seat when its free.

                  Sent e-mails to a number of possible ASQ hotels and simply just booked to first one to respond. A prison cell is a prison cell.
                  Paid the 80% deposit asked via Travel Ex and received confirmation and check list of what they required, all very efficient.

                  Then submitted the flight details and ASQ booking to RTE and received COE in about 24 hours.

                  Send a copy of passport, visa, flight details, COE, travel insurance to hotel as requested. They still want copy of C19 test and FTF letter.
                  Additionally, I sent a photograph of myself to aid identification at airport.

                  So finally only thing that is o/s is the C19 test and separate FTF letter, which I have scheduled with VIVO Clinic at £150 and £50.
                  The test is scheduled for lunchtime Monday, results and FTF letter to arrive Wednesday lunchtime and due to fly Thursday lunchtime.

                  Could not be any closer to my actual flight date, so that it is still valid for take off and additionally, when I land it LOS, just in case that matters.

                  Summary of costs, these being in addition to a normal flight and free 30 day visa on arrival. (costs rounded).

                  CRB check £50
                  Dr Cert £50
                  Visa fee £150
                  Insurance £150 for three months.
                  ASQ Hotel £1350 for 48sq M with balcony, two room suite with kitchen. 52000TB
                  Taxi £50 2000TB
                  C19 test £150
                  FTF letter £50
                  TOTAL £2000 (Plus flight)

                  Plus lots of time and aggravation.

                  Just need to sort out a few books to read.
                  The Great Escape, The Count of MonteCristo. Papillon. The Invisible man. How to make a rope ladder. Advanced glider construction.


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                    I hope you don't live in tier 4 as international travel is not allowed.
                    If you're offended by any assistance I give, it says far more about you than it does me.


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                      Originally posted by -Keith- View Post
                      I hope you don't live in tier 4 as international travel is not allowed.

                      Not allowed, or not advised ?


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                        Barrington Well done. But why did you need a CRB for a 1 year multi entry, is it a non O? I did not do one for mine based on marriage. Is your based on retirement?


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                          Originally posted by ray8472 View Post

                          Not allowed, or not advised ?
                          Looks like you can travel internationally only for work purposes. This is from my local authority.

                          International travel to or from a tier 4 area

                          If you are in Tier 4, you should not be travelling abroad unless it is permitted. In addition, you should consider the public health advice in the country you are visiting.

                          If you live outside a tier 4 area you may still transit into or through a tier 4 area to travel abroad if you need to, but you should carefully consider whether you need to do so. In addition, you should follow the public health advice in the country you’re visiting.

                          If you do need to travel overseas from a tier 4 area (and are legally permitted to do so, for example, because it is for work), even if you are returning to a place you've visited before, you should look at the rules in place at your destination and the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) travel advice.

                          UK residents currently abroad do not need to return home immediately. However, you should check with your airline or travel operator on arrangements for returning.

                          From the FCO website:

                          For example, those in Tier 4 areas in England will not be permitted to travel abroad apart from limited exceptions, such as work purposes. Follow all the rules that apply to you.

                          If you're offended by any assistance I give, it says far more about you than it does me.


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                            Originally posted by ray8472 View Post
                            Not allowed, or not advised ?
                            Holland and Belgium announced this morning that all passenger flights from the UK would be banned. The list of countries banning UK passenger flights will inevitably increase, Italy, France, Austria and Germany are looking at what measures to implement.


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                              Originally posted by ray8472 View Post

                              Not allowed, or not advised ?
                              It is illegal to travel outside of a Tier 4 area without lawful cause. International travel is not permitted unless for exceptional purpose. Please see this topic for more information and discussion: UK Tier 4 Travel Restrictions
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