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care home or hospital near korat

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  • care home or hospital near korat

    Hi all,

    My Thai father-in-law has had Parkingson's for many years, unfortunately my mother-in-law is now finding it very hard to care for him. I have looked for suitable care homes near Korat via internet, but it seems they are aimed more to the Expat community not Thai care home for Thai's. Can anyone recommend any Thai hospital/care home, hopefully near Korat so family can visit.

    Thanks for any replies.

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    There is a newish one in Korat which is under the patronage of the Catholic Bishop of Korat
    It seems rooms are around 25,000 baht a month for a single room and about half that for a bed in multiple room. Apparently they also do rest care at around 500 baht a night. The website is in English and Thai. Might be worth phoning them for further information etc.


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      There is also a fairly new one which is by either the Thepparat hospital or the No9 hospital near the University, it was pointed out to me in August but as we had been to both the hospitals at the same time I cant quite remember which one it was next to. I don't know any other details, sorry.


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        Yes, Camillian is a popular elderly home in Korat. Hiring a private nurse is also an option.