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    Hi all , first time in a long time ive been on the forum as due to covid etc we have not thought about returning , i retired early two weeks before first lockdown and as we know the rest is history, once Omicron settles down we have decided to return , wife not seen family since august 2019 , i know the rules etc change constantly but do i need specific covid cover on my insurance (any recommendations) i will try and negotiate the rest of the hoops to jump through, partly one of the reasons we never tried last year ,im beginnig to think is it worth the agg, ive got shipping in uk since feb 2000 now wanting me to pay storage and a shipment in my house in LOS was delivered the day after i last left in Aug 2019 .
    Merry xmas to all

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    Under the now suspended Test and Go entry conditions Covid insurance is mandatory.
    I think every travel insurance policy now covers for it anyway, just need make sure it matches or exceeds the level required.
    I've tended to use Staysure but only because I want motorcycle cover and that seems to be tricky to find.
    I'm fortunate to currently be in Thailand.
    If I'm honest the stress from the required tests to enter and now a test to leave and get back into England (idiotic rule imo for citizens) that you cant help thinking about doesn't make for a completely relaxed trip.
    Really don't want to be confined at the end of a holiday.
    Nice to be here all the same.


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      Under the Thailand Pass scheme whether it is "Test & Go" (Currently suspended), "Phuket Sandbox" or "Quarantine" there is no actrual requirement for insurance to be Covid specific.

      The FAQs relating to the Thailand Pass on the Ministry of Foreogn Affairs website which is accessed via the Thailand Pass site states:

      Does my insurance have to be a COVID-19 insurance in order to register with Thailand Pass?
      No. You can also use a standard/general insurance or health insurance with a minimum coverage of 50,000 USD.

      Having said that, it goes without saying the individual should ensure that they have the correct insurance coverage which i would suggest includes covid situations as well as asymptomatic cases.

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        This is something on my mind too,as i have a months leave from work in March,
        Me & the wife are seeing how things pan out this month & probably book our trip next month.
        The thing is we both can't afford to be stranded in Thailand.
        If the rules change,i don't think any travel insurance policy would cover us
        if this happened does anyone know if this is correct?
        Also we would like to take a connecting flight but( if thailand goes in the red zone) as i understand it our flight would be cancelled & we would have to book a direct flight for our return.
        If anyone has any thoughts.observations,imformation about our planned trip please share them with me.
        we would be extremely grateful as we are still not sure if we are making the right decision to travel in March.