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Travel procedure to LOS

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  • Travel procedure to LOS

    Hi Guys

    Looks like Su may be able to go and see her family again after a long wait !

    We've rebooked her BA voucher for Jan '22 fingers crossed - nice 3 month trip (how am I going to manage, longest before was 4 weeks)

    After bit of advice on please (and appreciate this may all change over the next 2-3 months).......
    • Normally book BA ticket in married name/ same as uk passport (have done so already but can change if needed.)
    • Normally Su enters and leaves uk on uk passport.
    • Normally Su enters and leaves Thailand on Thai passport/ in maiden name.
    • NHS covid passport is in Married name/ same as uk passport.
    • Not sure what forms we need for Su to enter Thailand and will it work as above with using both passports ?
    • If we booked all under her Thai name then would we have problems as NHS covid passport is in married name ?
    • Is the quarantine hotel still required and will Su have many forms to fill out when in LOS? Her written Thai is not so good and she struggles with things like this on when her own.
    All sounds bit confusing.

    Thank you for your help (prob be couple more questions on this)

    Sy n Su

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    I know you want to get things sorted but things are starting to change now, so todays rules (and hence any comments) will no doubt be out of date next week. There are already comments coming from certain sources within Thailand that there are more changes due to take place on November 1st and even further removal of restrictions on December 1st.
    To be honest I would wait and see what pans out over the next 6 weeks or so and look to see what has happened after December 1st before attempting to sort anything out.
    When will I see you again
    When Thai Air give me my money back


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      Thanks Gary…. Good idea, we were trying to rush things a bit really !!
      Sy n Su


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        Im planning to book for Yuki asap to depart 2nd November. Has anyone set out the processes clearly? She has NHS vaccine passport. I realise there is still some risk around November 2nd.

        Sy, what do you mean by "BA Voucher"?

        Edit: Looks now like its not going to be a free for all for all 33 provinces. So I am back to keeping watch!

        Thanks all

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          Sy, what do you mean by "BA Voucher"?
          Hi Ian..... this is just British Airways voucher we have to use from cancelled flights before
          Sy n Su