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    Does anyone know or has anyone used and can recommend a group that can give me an online consultation and a Fit to Fly Certificate. I can get the PCR Covid test done in Iraq through the company, via an Iraqi so called Doctor. I have googled and can only find sites where they do both.

    I say the name Doctor loosely because... I have spoken to my boss and told him that I need to get this done to enable me to get in to Thailand. More Thai Government bureaucracy. So he in turn staffed it up the chain to our regional management team (RMT) in a different camp to ask the question if we could get this done. No, was the answer, they said the Iraqi Doctor wont do one. Now, I don't know if they actually asked the Dr and he said no due to having to put your Dr's Medical number on the sheet or the RMT just said No. The form is just a very basic one with no difficult to answer questions.

    So now it looks like I am going to have to source one myself. I have a few Iraqis speaking to friends, relatives to see if they can get a Dr to sign one for me. But I need to chase up all means just in case.

    I have attached the form I am using


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    Hi Wayne, I think sourcing it yourself where you are (independently of your company) is probably going to be your best option. Or even ask the Thai Embassy you have been dealing with if they can suggest anything? I always thought the "online consutation" was a bit flimsy. That's all the missus had to do before she got her repat flight back (no swab test) but just a pretty feeble online consultation. Most UK covid test / FtF cert providers that I checked out will do both. And most will charge extra for the FtF cert so I'm surprised that a "doctor" would pass up the opportunity to get an extra couple of quid. Even the FtF cert that I got was only based on a questionaire that I completed whilst waiting at the clinic for my covid swab test. Once the lab result came back negative the "doctor" was happy to sign off on the FtF cert. Maybe the required signature from the "attending physician" is making the local doctor a bit squiffy? Although that is normally dealt with by a fairly standard caveat.

    Anyway mate, independent local or your friendly Thai Embassy are the best options that I can think of. Good luck, mate.


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      Surely your airline can point you in the right direction here ?
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        Allan Thanks mate, Yeah, i understand what you are saying, I can find loads that do it all together, but I don't need PRC test, getting that done here, just that bureaucratic fit to fly. Hopefully I can get it sorted out here, it will ave a lot of messing about.

        -Keith- I will email them, but IMO the airline will say it is not their responsibility to sort it out


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          1Screenshot compressed.jpg
          Someone from another forum passed me this. I emailed them and got a response, they will do an online consultation, so hopefully I should be getting sorted.

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            I have tried to zoom in on the contact details, but cannot read them clearly. Could you possibly resend.
            Thank you


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              Barrington If you click on the image it will open up and should be entirely legible
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                Originally posted by Barrington View Post
                I have tried to zoom in on the contact details, but cannot read them clearly. Could you possibly resend.
                Thank you
                It says:
                Whatsapp: +6692-269-1347
                mail: [email protected]
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