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No tourists: Thailand misses out on 400 billion baht

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  • No tourists: Thailand misses out on 400 billion baht

    Thailand records no tourists between April and June with a possible income loss of nearly 400 billion baht.

    According to the Ministry of Tourism and Sports, tourist arrivals dropped by 66 per cent year-on-year to 6.7 million during the first six months of 2020.

    The ministry’s data showed that there was [sic] no tourists or receipts between April and June 2020.

    Source: Thailand records no tourists between April and June
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    It has been said on TV. that Koh Chang , Koh Samet and Pattaya were all full this weekend with Thai tourists. I'm not sure about that but around Bang Saray it didn't look overly so, plenty of accommodation available locally. Even if true I'm not sure how long Thai tourism can continue to fill the gap and whether they spend similar amounts to foreigners.

    It actually put me off visiting the beach and we will hopefully visit couple of places, Koh Larn and a local beach next week, I like it again now its nice and quiet, however the Koh Larn trip will very much depend on the weather.

    Was it busy in other area of Thailand last weekend?


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      Where we are the locals surge on the delights of MK during a holiday period. I've never understood this as it's utter tripe and very expensive for what you get. I feel like I'm chewing part of my kid's toy kitchen set when the food arrives. Still, horses for courses. This weekend it was noticeably quiet which may highlight the tightening of belts due to other areas of the economy.


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        I saw this article. The tourists that are there aren't being helped in this place

        The Fullmoon Terrace and Bar, in Lat Phrao in the north east suburbs of Bangkok, is refusing to serve foreigners. It’s not a good look, especially when there have been no locally-transmitted cases of Covid-19 for over 2 months and the man was wearing a mask and being quite pleasant about the whole matter. The Thaiger wouldn’t have been as polite.

        Yan Marchal posted his video with full commentary about his visit to the restaurant. 2 staff came to him, almost as soon as he sat down, and said they were unable to serve foreigners. There was no argument, beyond asking to speak to the manager but Yan was informed the manager was not available.
        The video, which has been a popular post of The Thaiger’s Facebook page today, has had mostly negative comments about the restaurant’s refusal to serve foreigners. There has also been quite a few other cases, some of them posted in the comments section, where more examples have exposed a small rise in cases of commercial xenophobia.

        Thailand has had no locally transmitted cases of Covid-19 for more than 2 months. The refusal of service to foreigners smacks of unnecessary discrimination, mostly hurting their own businesses at a time many other restaurants are glad for any customers at all, especially in the outer suburbs of Bangkok. The Fullmoon Terrace and Bar was almost empty at the time.

        There are no laws within the Kingdom of Thailand which specifically outlaws racial discrimination inclusive of racist cliches and the restaurant has not broken the law.

        The Thaiger has sent a message to the management of the Fullmoon Terrace and Bar asking for some more details and rationale about their policy. There has been no reply at this stage. The video has already been widely shared around Facebook.

        Full Story:


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          I just read it and the comments. It's nice to know that so many Thais were as outraged as foreigners. Wouldn't it be refreshing to see the Govt. make an example of these racist "people" and the bus companies that are making up their own ignorant policies? Somehow I rather suspect that by doing nothing and allowing it to continue they portray a message to the locals that they take priority and can do what they want.

          Imagine a western restaurant puts a notice up banning Thai people due to the threat they pose to me and my friends......


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            What about the Bangkok Midnight Marathon. Now closed to all Foreigners, only Thais are able to take part.
            Bye Bye EU Day 31st December 2020 (11 p.m.)


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              Originally posted by Gary & Nok View Post
              What about the Bangkok Midnight Marathon. Now closed to all Foreigners, only Thais are able to take part.
              Now open to foreigners in Thailand. The organisers claimed it was a mistake!
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