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Is [Thailand] safe?

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  • Is [Thailand] safe?

    Thailand seems to be a hotspot for most tourist.

    I was there with my parents ages ago (20 years ago) and we stayed near the Pattaya Beach. Our hotel was awesome and massive but like I said, this was 20 years ago . . . How are things now over there as I heard 'Pattaya' is more a single guy's town now rather than a family beach place . . . Am I totally off or is there some truth to that statement.

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    I'm not sure what you are asking, if its 'is thailand safe' then yes as long as you are not stupid by , dealing in drugs, riding a big motorcycle whilst drunk, hanging around in doggy areas in the early hours of the morning, and normal sfety precautions are taken.

    or if its ' is pattaya a family location' then i would have to answer no, not in my opinion. lots of nicer beach locations to be had, it would al depend on how old you are, if married or not, if looking for a long term partner, if you have children, what type of holiday are you looking for.


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      Last year we took an unusual (for us) short break in Majorca. One of those so called bargain packages. We had a day and night to waste at the end so we ended up in Magaluf.
      Having spent the last 20 odd years frequenting Thailand (Pattaya included although not our favourite place) I can honestly say I feel safer in Thailand.
      Just about every corner we ventured in to there were arguments, scuffles and out of control drunks.
      Like Steve states, be aware and use common sense.
      As the world becomes smaller and so called ‘exotic’ places like Thailand become ever more achievable as a destination for the two week annual tourist, it will have the tag as unsafe simply due to the volume of tourists.
      Taking aside local indigenous crimes and accidents and the sheer volume of visitors to Thailand I would actually see it as safer or at least as safe as Spain.
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        Safe is an absolute = no risk. Nowhere is safe, even staying at home in bed has risks!

        Thailand used to be a relatively safe place to visit, but I think it is becoming higher risk. That said, its no worse than most countries and a lot better than some. Safer still if you are sensible don't get drunk; don't do drugs; don't flash your cash; don't take the advice of strangers!


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          Just come back from a month in Pattaya.

          Did not see any violence at all, but then I didn't go anywhere dark and dingy in the middle of the night.

          The Police are now actively taking on drink and driving. 10000 baht fine or 1 month in prison. No exceptions (apparently). Saw a farang hauled off is motorbike after obviously failing the blow and was carted off to the police truck and his bike locked up.

          As to being family friendly, that is all perspective. Saw many families there but this may not be your cup of tea.

          It is certainly a lot quieter now there are not so many Russians around.
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            Been going to Thailand for about 12 years.

            Never felt in any danger.

            Have a look at holiday destinations around the world, sun sea, sex and glorified red light districts like Pattaya, Sukhumvit etc and I'm surprised it isn't more dangerous.



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              I was scared the one and only time I (will) ever went to Blackpool !


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                Always feel just as comfortable walking around in Thailand as I do in the small quiet village that I live in in the UK where its big news if someone's dog has gone missing. but then I don't go to the tourist areas just the same as I don't go strolling around inner city Leeds in the dark.


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                  Originally posted by Gary & Nok View Post
                  there are not so many Russians around.
                  Why are there not many Russians around? Is it because their holiday season has ended or because of some world developments?


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                    I'm guessing oil price halving and sanctions. See for the latter


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                      Originally posted by prioritypress View Post
                      Never felt in any danger.
                      Sums it up really.

                      Personally I just try to stay away from tourist areas.


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                        Originally posted by Big AL View Post
                        Why are there not many Russians around? Is it because their holiday season has ended or because of some world developments?
                        Putin and the nose dive of the Ruble. Only leaving the most rich of the mafia there.
                        When will I see you again
                        When Thai Air give me my money back


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                          I think Thailand is somewhat more dangerous than European resorts but as said above keep away from the dodgy areas and it should be better. There is some serious road rage incidents here so if you are driving do not be aggressive and do not let their awful driving habits wind you up. Thais also are very territorial over their food locations and if you park on the road where they are selling food you are expected to buy from that location and it may cause huge problems if you buy elsewhere as a friend of mine did in Ban Ampur a couple of years ago. I wouldn't recommend Pattaya to anyone for a family holiday, too dangerous just walking around, with bikes riding on pavements, stall's covering the pavements forcing you to walk in the road, cars and bikes going through red lights, Cha Am not much better either. The seediness is a different story, what do you want your kids to see?
                          On another note Dengue fever is rife at the moment and it seems to be played down by the authorities but a friend of mine has just come out of Pattaya Memorial hospital and was told there have been over 20 deaths in our area alone these past few months, perhaps this should be your main concern. It is fast becoming mine.


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                            As with Gary, I have just returned from a month in Thailand ( 5 weeks actually ) and I can honestly say I have never felt safer.
                            Kanchanaburi, Pattaya, Hua Hin and Nong Ki (Buriram) were all visited and I was able to walk the streets both with family and alone and never once felt uncomfortable or in any danger at all.

                            I did make a couple of observations though.
                            Pattaya is certainly cleaning up it's act and becoming more family friendly. A lot on here will doubt that but it will generally be those that haven't been for many years and are going by past experiences. The notorious seedy areas are a hell of a lot quieter than years gone by with dozens of bars closed or for rent. Families and couples can be seen everywhere. The hotel I stayed in, Basaya Beach Resort, has a small block of 6 wooden "Thai Villas", every one was occupied by a couple. The main hotel seemed to be a high percentage as well looking around the pool area.
                            The land of smiles. I fear for the future of this title that Thailand has. This was mainly observed around the village in Nong Ki. Each day I would walk, bike ride, even tried a couple of jogging sessions. As I passed people on the paths or tracks they would all greet me with a smile, a wai, and "bai nai ma ?" followed by a little chuckle. That is all apart from what I would say maybe 14 - 19 year olds. They would pass by with not even a glance never mind a smile. I did speak to Jumpa bout this and she said maybe they are just too embarrassed or too shy as she put it, to speak. We will see
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