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  • Only God Forgives - รับคำท้าจากพระเจ้า

    New movie set in Bangkok Only God Forgives is released in the cinema this week (Aug 2nd):-
    "Julian Thompson is a US expatriate living in Bangkok, Thailand who runs a boxing club, which is actually a front for a massive drug smuggling operation. His older brother Billy brutally rapes and kills an underage prostitute before surrendering to the Thai police. Lieutenant Chang – known as the "Angel of Vengeance" – arrives on the scene before informing the girl's father, Choi Yan Lee. Chang allows Choi to beat Billy to death, but cuts off the man's arm for allowing his young daughter to remain in the business of prostitution.
    Julian and his crew go to Choi's kiosk to confront him about his part in Billy's murder. Choi reveals that he was forced to kill Billy by the "Angel of Vengeance", and, by having his arm severed, has paid the price for his crime. Julian is mesmerized by the near-mythical Angel of Vengeance and spares the man's life. Julian's mother, Crystal, arrives in Bangkok to identify Billy's corpse, much to Julian's surprise........."

    Think the wife and I will be going to see it


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    generally unfavourable reviews but I'm sure I'll like it, however will probably wait for DVD/Bluray as 'Kick Ass 2' and 'The Conjuring' are on this months 'To See' list at the cinema


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      I thought it was worth watching, I enjoyed most of it but I think I needed to concentrate on it more than the kids would allow (dad, have you finished with the computer yet?).


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        mixed reviews


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          Sounds good to me but it will have a minority audience here in the UK following the subject and reviews but I will watch it (probably on DVD like Gavva)

          colin 244


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            Originally posted by colin244 View Post
            Sounds good to me but it will have a minority audience here in the UK
            Not so sure about that - Ryan Gosling is quite a crowd-puller these days.
            Gordie T Geordie


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              I meant the story line GTG not whose in it

              colin 244


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                We watched it the otherday... Fairly predictable "revenge movie" - very beautiflly and darkly shot (lots of red), quite atmospheric in parts but my god it was slow bordering on tedious in parts. Ryan Gosling's role had very few lines of dialog but he was his usual excellent acting genius. The Thai cop was entirely believable in his over-the-top single minded nastiness. Lee said he was played by a famous Thai actor but I of course had never seen him before.

                My advice is to watch it BUT on pc/net or on dvd/blu-ray when it comes out and dont waste your money seeing it in the cinema.



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                  I disagree, as did many of the film critics did here in Australia. Margaret and David from the movie show varied from 4 stars on the 5 star scale(Margaret) to 1/2 star!(David)

                  Anyway the reason I disgaree is you need to see it in a cinema to be able to appreciate how well the film is shot. The imagery is amazingly good.

                  Yes, the story needs some concentration and interpretation as you go along, another reason why I was glad I was in a cinema and not at home with kid around.

                  Kristian Scott Thomas has a stand out performance, completely different from anything I have sen her in before - truly acting, one would say.

                  Thai actors good - and interesting to see the guy that plays baddies in lot of Thai movies , I think he was in the Revels ad (the one that takes off the Russin roulette in Deer Hunter) when I lived in the Uk.

                  Holywood re-make?? don't know if they could pull it off, but I could see Christopher Walken in the top cop role? what do you think??

                  - Skippy


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                    Originally posted by Keef & Lee View Post
                    ...very beautiflly and darkly shot (lots of red), quite atmospheric in parts but my god it was slow bordering on tedious in parts.
                    This is the only review on this thread that gets anywhere close.

                    Only God Forgives is one of the worst, most boring, most pretentious movies I've ever seen. Don't waste 90 minutes of your life on it.

                    It says nothing, it's achingly slow. There must be 1 page of dialogue stretched over 90 minutes.

                    Typical scene:
                    Some shot of a character against some beautifully shot backdrop.
                    Character says nothing.
                    5 minutes pass.
                    Another character comes into the shot.
                    One character says a couple of words slowly.
                    Another 5 minutes pass.
                    The other character replies.

                    You're shouting at the screen for them to just get on with it.

                    It says nothing. It's pretentious rubbish, sixth form cinema. No one talks or acts like any of the characters. There's no character development, there's poor plotting and horrible pacing.

                    The only bit I came close to liking was the guy singing at the end because I quite liked the song.

                    I watched it on Netflix after finishing the whole 5 seasons of Breaking Bad. What a contrast!


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                      Picked up the DVD going cheap in Tescos a while back. Watched it with the wife who list interest halfway through. It was a bit too "arty" surreal and dark for me.


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                        I got it for free as part of Netflix, watched it in bed while waiting to sleep and still felt cheated - of 90 minutes of my life. There didn't seem to be a way to fast forward on the Android app I was using so it was painful waiting for the dialogue or action to happen.

                        I would never have stuck with it if it weren't for the Thai connection, trying to recognise locations, understand dialogue, etc.

                        Netflix is great. Worth it for Breaking Bad on its own. Or Homeland. I don't understand how the director of Only God Forgives can come out with this rubbish. Doesn't he watch other things like the above and realise the standard?


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                          If it were arty surreal and dark, and also well written and acted, then I would have liked it.

                          I thought it was one of the worst films I've seen in a long time.
                          "You're so unapproachable!"
                          "And yet, here you are."


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                            Agree with bifftastic, started watching on Netflix, stopped watching after 10 minutes.