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Bangkok Delusions, Zach J Brodsky

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  • Bangkok Delusions, Zach J Brodsky

    Bangkok Delusions is a new piece of Bangkok fiction, recently published and available both online and in Thailand bookshops. For a free sample of the book visit

    Since I am the author of this book (think I am allowed to post, a soft plug!), I will paste below some of my favourite reviews from Amazon, (more reviews here:

    "Though I lived in Bangkok on and off for nearly seven years I never read a Bangkok Noir novel, despite the fact that the shelves of Asia Books and Books Kinokuniya are awash with such material. I recently thought I would set this right by reading Bangkok Delusions and I enjoyed it so much I feel compelled to recommend it to others! This book is a real gem and I would imagine parodies the genre perfectly. It’s rare for a book to make me snort out loud whilst reading but the shenanigans of Bob and co had me in stitches, much to the vexation of my fellow passengers on my train to work. Though it is mostly light in tone, as Brodsky delves deeper into the underbelly of Bangkok’s bar scene he exposes a dark dangerous world full of obsession, temptation and scheming and manipulating individuals ready to take advantage, morning and night, of the next poor sap who stumbles into their dollhouse. Heartily recommended!"

    "Brodsky takes us on a journey through Bangkok’s seedy underbelly exposing the casual exploitation of Thailand’s sex workers. A Tarantino-style revenge ensues complete with humour, violence and memorable characters."

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    I picked up a copy of this book on our recent trip. If you're new to Thailand or have an interest in the bar scene (which I guess are the target audience) then you'll probably enjoy it as an "easy" read. However, personally it read just like another generic bargirl book and I felt the main characters were almost embarrassingly stereotypical of similar books.

    To be fair it was fine as a holiday read. But, had I bought this book at home to be honest I probably wouldn't have bothered finishing it.