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Flooding in Pakistan

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    It's an interesting one, isn't it? Donate or not?

    Interesting report the other day about corruption and illegal deforestation linked to all of this. India have offered and given nowt. Peanuts raised from the Countries that I would have thought would have been natural allies and offered support and yet once again, I am being asked to donate.....

    I think that currently, Pakistan must be one of the most despised Countries on this earth.

    And yet without doubt, truly innocent men, women and children are suffering, but they have for years and the powers that be within that land clearly have never cared, maybe that's the message that's coming across.

    Still, as ever, the Americans are in there with practical support.
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      Originally posted by caller View Post
      Still, as ever, the Americans are in their with practical support.
      Is there oil in Pakistan then
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        Originally posted by Gary & Nok View Post
        Is there oil in Pakistan then
        No, nuclear power, corrupt Govt, corrupt security services, islamist 'charities' and the Taliban.

        Everyone else talks.
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          Mods, I find the last comment by michael001 absolutely disgusting and abhorrent. I trust you will see what I mean and remove it.


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            I totally agree with you Flip.
            If you're offended by any assistance I give, it says far more about you than it does me.


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              Well you've all made your comments and of course it up to you who you choose to donate to - if any. My own personal choice is not based on political issues, allegencies to terrorist groups or otherwise - its based on the fact that I cannot sit here eating my dinner and drinking clean water whilst knowing that there are people dying for the sake of a little clean water. I've had what will probably be the worst year of my life, financially but its an easy choice for me.

              I'm not a Christian, in fact I have no religion at all but I do hold Christian values. I like to think that whilst the vast majority of replies have been negative, we have around 3000 members. Hopefully some of those 3000 will find it within themselves to help children, most of whom will have no idea what terrorism or corruption means and have no knowledge of their country's nuclear capabilities, to enjoy a basic function - life!

              By the way folks, according to the news tonight the UN are saying that 'up to 3.5 million children are at high risk of deadly water-borne diseases, such as watery diarrhoea and dysentery'. The Pakistan government is stating that 'up to 20 million people have now been affected by the monsoon floods'.

              I doubt there are many governments, corrupt or otherwise that could cope with a disaster of this scale on their own.



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                Thanks for a brave post Flip. I hope more people can see beyond the political and less desirable face of Pakistan and give a little to help. I quite agree that the govt / miltary in Pakistan aren't being as helpful as we would like but its a fact that the Pakistani people who are doing the suffering here have also being the targets and victims of more terrorist acts than we or the US have - and I dont think they deserve to be condemned, which is how I take some of these comments.
                Some commentators who are far more able to give an acurrate analysis of the situation than Marcus have rightly pointed out the fact that if the relief effort isnt forthcoming from the West then the support for the Islamist extremists who are helping will only increase.
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                  not nice what happened over there,they is also china.many parts of africa as well.where do you start.they is burma (myanmar) with all they can not please everybody


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                    this is obviously a major world disaster happenning right now, so my question is, why is the Pakistan cricket team playing when their country is in disarray?

                    I can recall when Princess Dianna was killed all sporting fixtures in England were cancelled, surely this is a worse disaster.

                    If they do insist on playing then at least they should be donating their match fees to the cause?