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    Hi folks,

    As you will have noticed, I haven't been around for some time - very little time for the internet these days but I am still alive........just.

    Some of you may remember me talking about riding my motorbike to Thailand to raise money for The Camillian Centre in Rayong some time ago. For various reasons I have been unable to do the trip as yet but its looking like it will be sometime next year.

    I am in no doubt that this will be a hell of a trip but that doesn't put me off at all - I want to do it for myself as well (one of my "things to do before you die"). As such I'm aiming high when it comes to sponsorship.

    I'm anticipating that raising sponsorship will be very time consuming and will result in more "No's" than "Yes's". With that in mind I want to aim at those likely to donate large wads. Do any of you have links to large companies etc.? I would also be grateful of any suggestions for raising sponsorship and in particular any companies with links to Thailand. As I say, I expect raising sponsorship will be time consuming so obviously my time is better spent with the big hitters.

    For those of you that don't know anything about The Camillian Centre - they take care of orphans and other people. that are living with HIV/AIDS. A lot of the kids there were close to death when they arrived and many have improved so much that they are able to go to school/work and live an almost normal life.

    People do not need to die from HIV/AIDS or related illnesses these days provided they get the right treatment early enough and these people do good work - damned good work.

    The centre is run by The St Camillius Foundation of Thailand (Catholic) and the boss man is Father Giovanni Contarin. Father G is a hell of a nice guy and the kids love him but the centre and its many projects costs money to run.

    I was there a couple of weeks ago and I was very impressed with what they have achieved but they need help to carry on with this important work.

    More about the centre:

    Duncan (Duncan & Lek) are you still up for this?

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    Good to hear from you again and hope all is going OK.

    You are planning the sort of thing that I too would love to do (and for the benefit of others too). I don't know if you listen to Chris Moyles on Radio 1, but he is in contact with Ewan and Charley of here.

    They have done a motorbike trip before that you may be aware of.

    They (charity) do well from the TV rights and it may be worthwhile you doing the same.

    I work for Ericsson that do a lot of sponsorship, give me details and for a bit of advertising I think they would be well up for helping If TV rights were there they might even have an impact too. If I play my cards right I could join you and be on paid leave


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      hi flip
      how about the university of hertfordshire they have a lot of links with eastern country and do help good corses and again if tv involved they would like the good press i think,
      give them a try too.....


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        Hi Flip, try BG Group(The Old British Gas) they have a big office in Bangkok and are always going on about helping people in Thailand, their office's are , 100 Thames Valley Park Drive, Reading, RG6 1PT, the CEO is Mr Frank Chapman.

        Hope this might help you with sponsorship.
        dont judge me by my past, I dont live there anymore.

        David & Aree


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          I know someone who did some enviromental work in Romania and got the bike sponsored/ provided by BMW. Not saying you would want to ride a BMW all the way to Thailand , but a manufacturer might help you.
          Also try advice from somewhere like the Terence Higgins Trust who would know which sponsors are sympathetic to your cause.
          Best of luck

          Honour good men, be courteous to all men, bow down to none.


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            Best wishes and the best of luck to you..... A grand cause indeed.


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              Thanks for all your replies - a lot of useful info.

              Robert - correct. I wouldn't be seen dead on a BMW bike. I was going to use the trip as a way of getting my own bike to Thailand but after riding and R1 over there recently, I'm thinking the roads are not really up to it for a sports bike - my wrists were killing me from the short trip from Pattaya to Rayong!

              I am considering approaching a manufacurer for a bike - probably Honda as they have plants in Thailand.


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                Is this someone that produces something that makes you feel better?

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                  It was only a typo Ian!!!


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                    an amusing one though, at least to me


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                      Phil, nice to see you back! I too *have been missing from here for quite a while now.
                      I was working in LOS for two months on 'The project' mostly hush hush for now.
                      When were you down at the center-? I was there on the 3rd August to see the kids and chew the fat with father G.

                      Anyway, the most difficult thing about sponsorship is getting exposure for the sponsors. They do not give cash for naught! A donation is easier. Most people get a bit confused between sponsors and donations with no strings attached.
                      I will get you in touch with Sarah, the Thais love her, the kids love her and she works for Discovery now. Basically she is in the loop (TV).
                      Be in touch soon.
                      Judging others before you have met isn't a wise option.


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                        I will get you in touch with Sarah, the Thais love her, the kids love her and she works for Discovery now.
                        The same Sarah I met,Ian?


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                          err; think so! All was such a blur back then.

                          Judging others before you have met isn't a wise option.


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                            All was such a blur back then.
                            It must have been that 4th pint of Cointreau and lemonade!


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                              I was there on 9th July - I think. Any help would be appreciated. I haven't even started looking at sponsors yet - there aren't enough hours in the day. Been a bit of a nightmare the last few months - 2 lots of idiots pulled out of buying my house after messing me around for months. The another buyer's sale fell through so they had to pull out. I now have 3 lots of people wanting to buy the place but all having to sell their own house. There appears to be some movement at the moment but as they say "its not over til the fat lady sings"

                              Hopefully it will go through this time and I will be living in Bangkok. At that time I will take a couple of months off and start the sponsorship process. Basically I plan to start the trip when I have a decent amount of sponsorship.