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Thai People wanted ( and their partners )

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  • Thai People wanted ( and their partners )

    The Camillian Centre in Rayong looks after over forty lovely kids all living with HIV/AIDS

    [ame=""]YouTube - Living Positive[/ame]

    A while back I thought of a something Father G said about building bridges of love and friendship and understanding. I copied a whole load of Thai Elephants and gave them out to the kids at my folks Church and schools to color in. I said we would send them all the way to Thailand. The kids loved coloring them in. Here are a few the colored in ones.

    I then sent them from the children in the UK to the children in Thailand. The children were very happy.Here they are.

    On Sunday 19th April 2009 I have a hall and a kitchen. I am having a Thai lunch for the children ( and their parents ) to raise some money and awareness and to " build a bridge of love and friendship " with the children in Thailand. Its in Cockfosters, North London.

    The problem is that I am not Thai and there is only one of me + Sea aka Saengduean .

    I am looking for people to help me. To cook lunch. To tell stories to the kids. To help me decorate. Make Thai sweets for the kids. Do a dance, play a song. Anything really.

    Here are the kids in Thailand on a day out.

    If you are free that day and can help let me know.

    Thanks all and tell your friends.

    It takes courage to grow up and turn out to be who you really are

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    Hi, send me a pm with your contact details and my wife can speak to yours. We are in Enfield so not far away.

    Cheers Ally
    "Don't buy the sun"


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      Hi Ally, I will do that. The current state of plans is that the event will be called Thai lunch and sweet making ( to appeal to kids ). I may have to draft in professional cooks but it would be great if Thai ladies could do a sweet making demo with the kids. Sea does some quite spectacular lime green slug like sweets.

      It takes courage to grow up and turn out to be who you really are


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        Hi Richard, I am sending you a PM with regard to the Camillian Centre. I was talking to a guy from there today. Can't for the life of me remember his name. He's a scouser, about 56 y.o. and works there. Joe I think. He gave me some news. See PM.



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          Posts relating to a question about working for a charitable organisation in Thailand by Disinfatuation and the subsequent replies to his question have been moved HERE