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Drowning is the primary cause of child death in Thailand.

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  • Drowning is the primary cause of child death in Thailand.

    Shockingly, drowning is the primary cause of child death in Thailand.

    The Thai Ministry of Health estimates that every year over 1,300 children drown in Thailand because they can't swim.

    Given how easy it is to teach a child to swim and prevent this sad loss of life, this is an appalling statistic that is totally unacceptable.

    That's why Safe Child Thailand has formed a new partnership with an organisation in Chiang Mai province to help provide swimming courses for at-risk children. These children will not only learn how to swim but also gain basic first aid skills that they can use in the event of an emergency.

    Just one child’s life is precious beyond measure but, by providing basic swimming lessons and essential first aid training, together we can save the lives of countless more.

    Your support is needed to stop so many children dying needlessly.

    Please join us to protect these children by purchasing a Thailand-UK premium membership.

    Your response could save a life.


    See the difference Thailand-UK Premium members are making by reading the newsletter below.

    Your latest newsletter includes more information about our new partnership to help teach children to swim, the building of the new Safe House on the Thai - Myanmar border and other vital work supported by your donations.

    Click HERE to read the Safe Children Thailand Latest Newsletter.
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    Many Thanks to Andrew B for his very kind donation to Safe Children Thailand.