Many of you have been premium members at some stage and as such have supported the Two children we sponsor, Ka and Phyo via the Thai Children's Trust.

The Thai Children's Trust are changing their name to Safe Child Thailand as detailed below.

Should any Thailand-UK members like to join us by purchasing Thailand-UK Premium Membership then you can do so via this link.

Over the past year we have been working to improve our effectiveness and make sure your donations make the biggest possible difference for children in Thailand. This includes a refreshed Vision and Mission and improved Child Protection Policy. To reflect this evolution, we will soon have an entirely new look to introduce you to. This includes a brand new name and logo.

Why change your name?

Thai Children’s Trust, originally Pattaya Orphanage Trust, was established in 1982 to support the work of Father Ray Brennan. Over the years our work has continually evolved and we now work with a more diverse range of partners in Thailand than ever before.

Our increased work with migrant children from outside of Thailand means that our name no longer accurately reflects what we do. As we start working with newer challenges, such as tackling child trafficking and helping families to remain a unit, we feel that we have outgrown our existing name.

Is the work I support changing?

We always seek to ensure that as many vulnerable children in Thailand can benefit from your support as possible. As well as continuing to work with our existing projects, we will be expanding to focus on areas like child trafficking, the sex trade and more sustainable solutions for those struggling with poverty and families coping with children with disabilities.

At the core of all of our projects is the key aim to keep children safe - protecting them from danger and providing them with opportunities. This is reflected in our new name, Vision and Mission:

A Thailand where all children are respected, protected and enjoy equal opportunities.

To identify and safeguard at-risk children in Thailand and empower them to reach their fullest potential.

What is an “at-risk” child?

A child at risk of:
- being denied access to their basic human rights.
- abuse, neglect and exploitation at the hands of others.
- discrimination and exclusion from opportunities based on disability, health status, gender, ethnicity, race or religion.

We believe that every child in Thailand has the right to:
1. Go to school and receive quality education
2. Benefit from equal rights and opportunities
3. Live without fear of exploitation or abuse
4. Access adequate food and shelter
5. Not be discriminated against and/or excluded because of disability, health status, gender, ethnicity, race or religion.

What’s the logic behind the name?

Our chief aim is to ensure that vulnerable children in Thailand are safe. We believe that the name Safe Child Thailand accurately reflects this. It is true, that by referring to safety, this new name does imply that children in Thailand face danger. The truth is that were it not for our projects, and your help, the children we work with would be in danger.

We feel the name reflects a greater sense of urgency and as such will enable us to increase our impact in making positive change for children in danger.

How do the changes affect me?

Don’t worry - these changes won’t affect you at all. We are still a small friendly charity working with your support to help vulnerable children in Thailand.

You may notice a difference in the way we talk about our work as we will no longer be naming individual projects and will focus more on the issues affecting children in Thailand, in line with our new Child Protection Policy. This will include sponsorship updates which will no longer disclose full names, dates of birth or specific locations. These changes are being made with the safety of children in mind.

If you’re a regular giver, you may also see our change of name on your bank statements. You don’t need to do anything and donations will continue as usual.

We are currently rebuilding our website, which will be clearer and easier to navigate. It will launch in February 2017. Unfortunately, in the interest of reducing costs, the new site will no longer have a donor log-in area and those donors who opt to receive their sponsorship updates digitally will now receive them as an attachment via email.

Any questions?

If you’d like to discuss these changes or have any other questions, please contact us via Freephone on 0330 122 1980 or by email [email protected]

Donors in Ireland

When our new website launches donors in Ireland will find specific information relating to our Irish office at (currently under construction). If you would like to discuss these changes please contact Adele on
085 751 9509 or by email [email protected]