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London marathon 2013

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  • London marathon 2013

    Thai Children's Trust have one place if you want to give it a go.
    Buy cheap, pay twice.

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    I'd have trouble running a bath these days. However I take my hat off to anyone who takes on this event. Its a killer.


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      Hi fish,

      I cant access the link through my works firewall (dont know why!!).

      Do you know what the minimum (or expected) sponsorship will be?

      I have applied through the ballot, due to find out in early October if successful or not, but as it was my first application I dont expect to get in.

      p.s. I do know why, it links to Facebook


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        @I_hate_theo - I also can't access the link at work but I receive their facebook updates on my phone. It doesn't mention what minimum sponsorship you would have to commit to raising though. It just says if you're interested to contact them on [email protected]


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          PS - if you don't get your place in the London ballot, as another option I'm seriously considering this for next year (April) although obviously it's out of your area. This year was the first Marathon of the North. I didn't run the marathon but did the 10k (coincidentally I ran it for the Thai Childrens Trust supported by many on here) which runs on the same day and it was very well organised. As its a new race the places seem readily available too, no ballot.