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Learning With Smiles - Flood relief camp classroom

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  • Learning With Smiles - Flood relief camp classroom

    Hello everyone,

    This post is only really relevant while the flood relief camp is up and running at Don Meung airport, so perhaps it ought to be in the floods thread. If so, could a mod please move it. But, at the same time, I was hoping lots of people might see it.

    A good old mate of mine called Steve, who I knew and sometimes worked with in Bangkok, is helping to run a classroom for the kids in the flood relief camp in the airport and needs help with materials and volunteers.

    He's set up a facebook page if anyone is interested:

    From Steve:
    We are currently running a makeshift classroom for some of the children at the don meuang airport flood relief camp.
    There are some 2300 people in the terminal building in tents. I am helping to co-ordinate the development and running of the classroom.
    We have one classroom at present which is on the 3rd floor of terminal 2 at don meuang airport. In the old CAT office on the right hand side of the terminal.
    We are currently running three classes per day for a small group of kids, and some parents are now becoming interested in learning a bit of English.
    There are A LOT of people there, it will get pretty grim down there before not too long as the people start with the frustrations of thinking about their current living conditions and what they have to face when they get home.
    Our goal is to give some structure to the children who are there. Now they are meandering around with not much idea of what to do apart from wait for the next meal as they have no way of getting one for themselves. The few kids we have already are eager to sit and to learn. It is brill. 
    The feedback is wonderful, a kid with a smile and a bit more knowledge is an amazing combination.
    Any help that you could provide for us would be amazing, with any materials, teaching hours, helping with the classroom, decorating the room to look homely for the kids, and colouring in or just smiling.
    I have been living in Thailand for 6 years now and teach as Satit Suan Sunandha, in the Dusit area of Bangkok. My girlfriend, Siwaporn Janpuak asked me to go along to help at the airport on Monday. We helped packing and shifting stuff around to help. I have been there each day and on Thursday I started to help the Thailand Response Television Team. They had an idea to set up a few classrooms with some teaching and activities for the children. I am now helping to co-ordinate the running of the classroom with help from volunteers.
    Thanks a lot,


    PS - I'm still in Japan and working hard! Of course I miss Thailand a lot and am thinking of everyone there at the moment. All the best!

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    Are all English teachers in Thailand bald?

    I hope you and Ikumi are well and you have a better job now than that language sweatshop.


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      Cheers Dan!
      Yes, Ikumi and I are doing great - but still in the sweatshop, and still as balding as ever (perhaps that's why me and Steve became good mates!).
      All the best, and good luck in the election!


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        Marcus. great to hear from you. As ever, you worry and care about others. I hope your friend Steve's facebook blog gets lots of hits. All people are pulling together at this time in Thailand, as I'm sure they did in Japan after that horrendous tsunami.

        Love to you and Ikumi,



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          Good to hear from you again owd pal..........Seems to be a bit of a gap in whats been happening in your lives recently Marcus!

          God loves a doer....

          Respect for actually doing the walk rather than just talking the talk


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            Agree with the above good to hear from you Marcus.

            colin 244 (bald as well)