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Renewing Thai licence.

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  • Renewing Thai licence.

    Can I start by saying I'm so happy I only have to do this every 5 years. My driving and motorcycle licences are due for renewal, so made a start this week. Once again I was amazed at the amount of paperwork needed to do this. First I had to go to immigration to get a proof of address. Now, this turned out to be a bit of a challenge as I went Monday afternoon and was told because there were eleven people in front of me I wouldn't be seen that day. The only benefit to come out of this is I managed to get the application forms and all the photocopies of my passport done.
    So Tuesday morning I arrive early and was first in the queue for my section. Nearly slipped up as they wanted three passport photos. Turns out they want one for each licence and one to keep?
    Unlike in the UK, you have to do a separate application for each licence, so double of everything and twice the cost.
    So I paid the 600 baht and was told to return in an hour.
    From there I went to a clinic and got a doctor's certificate proving I'm fit to drive. To be honest, all they did was check my blood pressure, asked me my weight and height and after they relieved me of 300 baht for the two certificates, job done.
    Picked up my proof of address and was ready for the next challenge.
    So yesterday I went to the driving centre, armed with everything required. I'd heard that you had to make an appointment so that didn't come as a surprise. I got an appointment for today. But then I got hit with a swerve ball. You have to watch an online video that also asks you questions, then once you pass that you have to get it printed off. So I went home, and after maybe an hour of trying to register I watched the video, which is an hour-long, then three times I had to watch it again because I kept getting the questions wrong!!
    Eventually through luck more than judgement I passed. I had to save the certificate on my phone, and then go to a print shop to get it printed.
    So, today I go back, armed with everything they require, and hopefully, at some point, I get my new five-year licences, although I won't be surprised if another hurdle comes my way.
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