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Around the World in 80 Gardens with Monty Don ( Thailand )

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  • Around the World in 80 Gardens with Monty Don ( Thailand )

    First released in 2008 according to iplayer the BCC are re broadcasting these. This week was South East Asia. The first half an hour is Thailand. A bit of Jim Thompsons House some royal palaces and a guy called Mr Lek who grows stuff on the balconies of his house on a Klong. It is gentle show. Monty cant find what he calls an indigenous Thai gardening culture . He may be right.

    It is worth a watch. My wife certainly knew the names of many of the plants on Mr Leks verandas. So maybe there is a gardening culture Monty simply missed it as substance takes precedence over form.

    What do you reckon.

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    I watched it and enjoyed his perspectives on ' natural ' gardening.Think he could have picked a better place than the Bangkok klongs mind you .We visited a beautiful place/park pretty close to Trat that was created and maintained by the prisoners there.