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Thai calendar available in London

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  • Thai calendar available in London

    Hi Everyone. We are usually able to get Thai calendar from one of the Thai markets around West London but for some reason (let's blame Covid) we've not been able to get one. I've looked around online and drawn a blank. Can anyone tell me where I can get hold of one? Thanks! Kevin and Ying

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    Was in Wing Yip the big one near Brent Cross. A distinct lack of freebees and the "side store" that might have carried it is closed. Not seen anything recent . Richard
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      I can check Thai Smile in Hammersmith if you haven’t yet but I’m not back at work until Friday.

      Other ones near me are the one in Richmond and there’s a new one in Maidenhead.
      The one in Putney is closest to temple so might have.

      I usually get the calendar from the temple on New Year’s Day but obviously due to covid couldn’t go this yet.


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        Thanks richardb and dsw727. We did actually get one from Thai Smile and it looks very nice but it's predominately black so she can't write stuff on it. We had a really nice one last night with white background and plenty of room for her to make notes. Thanks for responding, I'll keep searching :-)


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