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Looking for a Thai housekeeper / nanny in London

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  • Looking for a Thai housekeeper / nanny in London

    Hi everyone,

    My first post here.

    We're a Thai couple looking for a Thai lady to help with general house keeping and from time to time look after our toddler.

    Can someone recommend a best channel to find candidates? I was wondering if there's a dedicated website for Thais looking for jobs?

    We're based in Shoredtich, East London.

    Many thanks,

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    What I would do if you haven't already is to post a notice at your closest Thai temple, and you may get something from that.


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      WHY THAI ?
      Your in London a English lady/gentleman speaking Thai would be better .
      You not think .


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        Samsung, considering the rarity of English people who speak Thai, that would be like finding a needle in a haystack! It's extremely unlikely that an English person who speaks Thai would be actually doing that sort of work. I think PKLondon was just being realistic.


        If it was me, I would be starting my search on one of the many facebook groups for Thais living in the UK. From what I have seen of my wife scrolling through, it seems to be a very large community.


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          While living in the UK. It would be better if the nanny did speak English. You wouldn't want your children to go to school in the UK that only speaks Thai. Unless both parents are planning in going back to Thailand before their child goes to nursery.

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            I daresay you and your wife speak decent English so your child will grow up to be perfectly bilingual (assuming that's what you want, which most people would regard as a good thing) whether the charlady-❇❇❇-nanny speaks Thai or English.

            Re: edit. Software doesn't like the word I used. It is probably obvious to most!


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              Thanks Walshie. Would you mind asking your wife names of these Facebook groups?


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                No problem, the group name she goes on is this one: สะใภ้ยูเค (uk)
                Good luck with your search!


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                  whoops may be had one to many .Do not upset prikphet much or at all .....