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    When we went to Honda this morning it was raining slightly but the really nice cool, refreshing type. The security guard was over in a shot with his whistle in his mouth whilst trying to shelter us under his brolly. I must say how much I admire anybody who takes as much pride in a job where the pay is terrible and the heat in those sweaty uniforms must be unbearable. When we got to reception the guard simply ushered us inside and said the immortal word..."Farang..."


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      Best time to shop it would appear is leading up to end of year, and major public holidays like Songkran when they seem to run more promotions. We got a great deal in December on a new Honda Mobilio 'V' from a main dealer at Ayuttaya for my sister in law, 699,000 thb including lots of free extras and a ridiculously low APR. The Honda had the best engine and trim specs in the price bracket. We just wanted a 7 seater.


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        Personally I would look at something almost new. Where someone had returned the car to dealer as they could not afford payments, due to for example C19. There must be lots of these kicking around the main dealers. for example.
        Or look round Pattaya for a Western owned car a few years old, where owner looking to sell, lots of websites and there is always FBook.
        Let someone else suffer the initial depreciation.