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  • Travelling to Thailand

    Hi, little bit nervous on posting, but have tried everywhere and not getting much luck.
    My, my fiancee and 2 friends are looking to travel to Bangkok, then phuket for 14 nights in November (if covid-19 lets us) The downside is, I have a sexual offences conviction and a SOPO. Im trying to find out if I would have any issues gaining entry to Thailand? I've tried the answer, and also tried a couple of helplines, but no definitive answer. Would anyone be able to help me?
    Thanks very much

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    Welcome to the fourum. Provided the SOPO does not specifically prohibit international travel then you are permitted to travel abroad. All the restrictions listed in the SOPO will remain in force even whilst abroad, any breach of a foreign law will also be considered a breach of the SOPO.

    The Thai immigration authorities will not ask you any questions about criminal convictions unless you are on a no-fly list or are subject to a travel prevention order.
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      That's great information, thankyou.
      I dont have any restrictions on travel, and have been abroad numerous times while been on SOPO, etc.
      All I have to do is let my office looking after me know dates of travel and where im going, so can let the various people know im travelling. I just get asked a few questions when I return home.
      Just worried ill get sent back on a plane when arrive in Bangkok