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Trying to find Hannah/Hanna

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  • Trying to find Hannah/Hanna

    I am trying to find a friends daughter on Facebook- I need to return some valuables to her that her Mum left with me for safe keeping and she has died recently.

    Her 'western' name was Hannah/Hanna but of course her Thai name was quite different.
    I know she is on FB as when we met 18 months ago we were comparing profiles but - I cannot recall her Thai name

    I think it began with 'See???XXXX???....but it was long and made of a few syllables..
    She chose the western name Hannah because part of her Thai name had a combination of letters that made Hannah a clear choice for a western name! I dont know her surname. She is now about 30 years old- and I know Hannah is defintely not a Thai name but she liked to use it living in London and Hong Kong.

    But- have looked on FB and its impossible to find anything close...she is in Bangkok but being a Brit it is hard to make sense of Thai names and wonder if anyone can suggest what her name could be - beggining with See....if i saw her photo I would immediately recognise her can anyone suggest anything please and i can then look through slightly more focussed- Thanks so much

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    I would suggest you go through the official procedures, whatever they might be.

    I mean no disrespect nor doubt your intentions but I would assume that there are privacy laws in place which protect people from giving out names and information without that person's consent. I would hope this forum and its members act accordingly.

    Maybe try asking the question of how or who to go to in order to find a way of contacting Hannah. There must be a third party available who can assist.


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      Welcome to the forum Jasey. Presumably you have her mother’s details so your only option is to contact the Thai embassy in London and explain you want to return the deceased’s personal items to the family.
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        Thanks - I have done all of this - her mother has died and was undergoing chemotherapy and asked me to keep her items in my safe.. she died as a complication of her treatment and not the illness itself. She was repatriated to Thailand and the Hospital won’t give me contact details. The Thai Embassy are slow to respond and 6 months later still haven’t - I’m not keen to just leave this Jewelry with them and had hoped to link with her daughter directly but - cannot trace her - I suppose I will have no choice to leave with the embassy but I do know if I saw Hannah’s profile - I would recognise her and would then Personal message her. Perhaps I will just sell the items and donate to a cancer charity on my late friends behalf. Believe me, I have tried everything but it is a brick wall and having no mutual friends or contacts in a Thailand ( I have never visited ) doesn’t help - but thanks for your offering


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          Jasey - obvious question I know but I assume there are no mutual friends on FB or her mothers FB that she would be connected to? Do you know if Hannah works and if so who for? You could try reaching out to her via her employer or search on LinkedIn? It is difficult but it does sound like waiting for the Thai Embassy to reply is your only hope probably after the effects of COVID-19 - Good Luck!


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            There is a very large internet forum for Thai ladies based in the UK but also for those in Thailand with connections to the UK . My partner is a member and it might be worth trying there. Did the daughter have Thai friends in the UK?

            If no one else provides the details of the forum, I will get it from my other half when we chat later. She's still working at the moment.
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              Facebook keeps a list of profiles you've looked at, you could try searching your History.


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                You could try contacting this group:


                It's 'the Thai woman's party network' in the UK. You can translate from Thai to English and complete in English. They will be English speakers. I believe they are very well connected.

                Good luck!
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                  Hello Jasey, further to the above, this group have sent an email address where they can be contacted, if you so wish? It's twn4uk AT gmail DOT com. Your original post here with the info about the Embassy liaison would be a good starting point.
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                    That is very kind and many thanks Caller