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certified/ notarized translation needed

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  • certified/ notarized translation needed

    I wuld need a certified / notarized translation into English of a Thai death certificate. Who could do it? How much? Malwin

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    Where are you and where is the certificate geographically
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      Hi Malwin, and welcome to the forum

      Where are you? If you're in Thailand, obviously you'd have more options. In the UK, I believe that the Thai Consulate in Hull do translations. They might notarise it for you as well. Don't know how much, you'd have to ask them.
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        I sent my wife's and stepdaughters birth and name change for certified translation. Needed for Citizenship application back to Thailand Just scanned and E. Mailed.
        Much Cheaper if you are in the UK. Worked well good service.
        PM me if you need details . Ken


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          Hi Malwin,

          It is a two part process to get a document translated and notarised. This is because separate parties need to translate and notarize the document.

          If you are located in the UK we can complete a certified translation for a standard Thai death certificate for £30 with 7 days. We also offer a 24 hour service for £45. You will then need to send the certified translation to the Thai Embassy for their legalisation service which I believe costs £10.

          I hope this helps. Please let me know if you have any further questions.