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The Fresh Outlook is writing an article on Thailands election of its 1st female PM

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  • The Fresh Outlook is writing an article on Thailands election of its 1st female PM


    Independent online newspaper, The Fresh Outlook, is writing an article on Thailands election and the potential of it getting its first female Prime Minister, Yingluck Shinawatra. We are looking for any views and opinions about Shinawatra's potential election.
    If anyone would like to comment that would be fantastic, we could quote your views (please say if you would/wouldn't like your name given - if you would please provide it!)

    Thank you,

    Rebecca Stubbs

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    some might say that we(the uk) had a female prime minister once who almost certainly had her own and very personal views..........cynics would say that thailands possible first female pm is really just a puppet of someone else

    sadly you need the views of thai people who are often too reserved to voice their opinions openly


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      Just a puppet for Thaksin I would say......


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        fsh76 - Are you, yourself Thai?


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          No, I have a Thai wife.


          Sorry I'm a bit short at work at moment, If I could add my wife and her family are from Isaan and 100% behind Thaksin and would welcome the return of Thaksin as most poorer Thais would.


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            A view that I have heard from folk in Isaan regarding Toxin is a rather resigned inhalation and a blank facial expression followed by the remark 50/50.


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              I guess their views are some what differed depending of what area of Isaan, however being the most poorest part of Thailand. Thaksin created the 'Village Fund' which was anticipated to help these communities, also he self-proclaimed 'War on Drugs'. amongst other things, If Yingluck gains power you can bet she'll try to get her brother back into LOS, apparently he is 'chomping at the bit' to get back, and the 'Red Shirts' want him back.


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                Not long to find out but like fsh76 the area my wife comes from (Phitsanulok/Chakrakan) is all red (so she says)

                colin 244


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                  "a rather resigned inhalation and a blank facial expression followed by the remark 50/50"

                  must be a cultural thing from the educated ones then, around our way they wouldn't inhale and it would be 50/40 or 20/10 more likely M150 though;-)


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                    Fireworks ahead and I think similar to Burma or Mynmar (to those on here) where the winning party are not allowed or get dissolved and banned etc

                    colin 244


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                      FreshOutlook, In direct reply to your post, my wife and family are from near Udon Thani in the N.E. Issan region of Thailand. My wife's family are fairly well off "villagers", not City folk in the region and father-in-law made what could be considered a "fortune" in Taiwan. There first real direct involvement in politics would be considered when Thaksin was in power with the TRT (Thai Rak Thai) Party. He seemed to do no end of good with the region and also clamped down on the drugs problem that was escalating. Not only were locals able to go and see a real Doctor, on top of the local doctors (incredible how they can find cures from nature), for a reasonable fee and receive proper Medical attention, but they could also communicate over mobile phones with all the realtives (not necessarily an advantage), but they were able to travel over a road system that magically appeared tarmac'd and smooth overnight and travel become a wow factor rather than where's the red dust and potholes (I think they were exported to the UK). IMHO from what I heard from Thais at the time in the NE region and also being there several times, Thakson did a great job and they felt recognised. I think that this will make a big difference to the way they will vote and IMHO the only reason why Thaksin was outed is because he was doing TOO good, therefore I see his sister as being seen in the same light, without any of the darkness being considered apart from the "Elite/Upper Classes" that would see this as a threat.


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                        I've tried to do the fresh outlook thingy, but then the old jaundiced cynical outlook sinks back in.

                        The drug problem has not gone away, it just went behind closed doors for a while, it will never go away completely because of who the real players are.

                        The quality of medical care has increased if you mean that they can now throw every medicinal drug possible at every patient as they do not have the time and training to perform real diagnosis (I have had recent personal experience of this)

                        The proliferation of mobile phones was just to benefit one family, try getting a land line.

                        I have yet to see a smooth tarmac'd road that lasted more than 3 months without getting potholes, as the construction quality is so poor due to the amount of kick-backs.

                        The village fund system achieved zip, apart from putting poor people in to debt.

                        Some of the rural Thais are beginning to realise this, not enough of them this time round unfortunately, but hopefully in six months or so when they find out that all their kids are not going to get a computer after all, only one of them can get 300B a day when previously two of them could get 150, the price of basic foodstuffs increases above standard inflation to try and fund these empty promises, some more of them may finally get to grips with why this venomous clan seek power.

                        (and no, you may not use my name)


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                          Spot on Thad!
                          nao faz mal means mai pen rai


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                            I think the "let them eat cake" mentality comes to mind. Every dictator has a few sweeteners.
                            I think i remember reading that adolf promised everyone a holiday every year.
                            The war on drugs ? did he have a drugs czar by any chance.
                            Having said that i got treatment at a state hospital not long ago in the boonies and 10 mins with the doctor and some anti biotics cost 300b. They even apologised when they told me i would have to pay.

                            One thing is for sure toxin certainly keeps the taxi drivers thinking.


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                              About the mobile phones, let's not forget that Thug-sin owned the biggest telecommunications company before selling it off to Singapore. He didn't do the villagers a favor but himself. And the Bath30 medical treatment scheme has a nick name as "Bath 30 Die Every Disease." Well that's to sum it up!!!

                              Honestly, do Thai people want these guys to be their representatives in the Parliament???