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B1 qualification and the ILR application

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  • B1 qualification and the ILR application

    Hi guys
    Just looking at sorting out my wife's ILR. I have got to the Knowledge of Language part and it is asking for a SELT unique electronic reference number. My wife passed her B1 exam in 2014 at the Trinity College London and all we have is a paper certificate.
    On the bottom of the certificate it says: Qualification Accreditation Number: 5*0/1**3/X 1-4*******0:1-4*******8
    Is that what I need to put on the application, as it doesnt seem to be what they're looking for according to Google.
    She passed the test in August 2014 and we have used this qualification for several FLR applications with no problem.
    Looking at the Trinity College London FAQ section today it says that only certificates less than two years old should be accepted.
    Can anyone let me know where we stand please, and if you think my wife will have to do the B1 exam again now..?

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    I should have had a look on the site first...

    Applying to settle in the UK

    You can use a B1 level qualification that’s run out if both of the following are true:
    • it’s on the current list of recognised tests
    • it was accepted for another UK immigration application, for example when you got permission to enter

    But I still cant work out what her unique electronic reference would be!


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      Hi MattM85

      Your wife's August 2014 Trinity B1 test was taken before these unique reference numbers became established as part of the SELT changes in April 2015.

      The Home Office caseworker guidance for Knowledge of Language and Life in the UK (1st December 2020) - see page 17 - states:

      For tests taken before 6 April 2015, ... the following ... evidence is acceptable:

      • a certificate from an approved English language test provider showing:
      o the applicant's name
      o the qualification obtained
      o they have reached B1 of the CEFR in speaking and listening or above
      o the date of award
      o if specified English language test or qualification results are only available online, the applicant must provide the appropriate identity details to allow online verification - see Online verification systems

      You'll need to scan and upload your wife's Trinity B1 certificate as part of the evidence for her ILR application.
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        That's great info, thanks Tom! So I should be ok to use the reference that is on the certificate when prompted but just be sure to upload a copy of the certificate with all the other documents at the end?