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  • ESOL Lessons Prices

    I phoned up the local college (wigan / Leigh) to enquire about the ESOL courses for Anna. They told me that because she has only been here for one month she would have to pay for the courses.

    When I asked how much, they told me it would be £6 / hr for 15 - 21 hrs per week or £3900 / year.

    When the paperwork arrived, the course title is "English Language for International Students" - qualifications available: cambridge - PET, KET, FCE, CAE,CPE, Business English Certificate. NEAB - UETESOL. Preparation for IELTS. Wigan & Leigh College Certificate in General Technical & Business English.

    Is this the correct course? - there does not seem to be any mention of the citizenship part, we want this for the applicatio for the ILR, when the time comes. If it the right course, is the cost correct?. How long does Anna have to be here before they are free?


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    Hi Kato, I dont think there are very many free ones now that the goverment has said it is compulsory to have ESOL, the course you are talking about does have with citizenship content, the qualifications are a certificate from :ie cambridge then a letter off Wigan college to say you have passed with citizenship content, it will not say that on the certificate's you will get from Cambridge.

    How good is your wifes English, maybe she could take the life in the UK test at her local council office, far cheaper than your course will cost you.
    dont judge me by my past, I dont live there anymore.

    David & Aree


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      Hi Kato,

      The rules have only just changed and it does seem that unless you have been resident in the UK for three years, you have to pay for courses in ESOL Skills for Life. The prices you are being quoted do seem high. My wife’s course is for 6 hours per week at a cost of £4 an hour. They suggested she would need 30 weeks to get from her Pre-Entry level standard to Entry Level 1, the total cost £920.

      Your local college seems to have given you a complete list of different courses that could be studied by your wife. This link will give you some idea of what the different courses are about:

      For ILR your wife needs to follow a course leading to a qualification in ESOL Skills for Life Speaking and Listening. She must pass at one level above the level she started at. In addition the college have to confirm in a letter that the course included ‘Life in the UK’ and that your wife progressed by at least one level.

      If your wife has good English and can read and understand the questions in the test known as the Life in the UK test, then taking that test would probably easiest and cheapest way to satisfy the requirements for ILR, but the less English someone has then the college route is probably a better option.

      You can get a feel for the standard required in the Cambridge ESOL Skills for Life Speaking and Listening qualifications by trying past papers at:

      I hope this helps, best wishes.


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        can't believe the price of the esol course in england , total ripoff in my view , i live in n.ireland and my wife is payed £35 for a 60 hour esol course with citizenship included , and £17 for the exam at the end of the course (level 2 ). Its a city & guilds course at our local campus witch is required in order to apply for her ILR .She has nearly completed level 3 ,at the same price . how can theY charge such high prices in england , after all we are part of the UK.


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          Northern ireland has seperate funding arrangements in many areas. It is a well known fact that the UK funds social services and Education at a cost almost double that of England and Wales. Why is this done? Simply because lots of things are still divided because of the troubles between cath and prot communities. I'm sure this will change, enjoy it while it lasts.


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            i think we pay £4 per Hour. The Creche is free though


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              Kato have you tried contacting your local council? I think you'll probably find that they do ESOL classes as well and will hopefully be a fraction of the cost of a university or college. That's certainly the case for my wife, she pays £40 per term and was able to join a class as soon as she arrived.


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                Many thanks cardiffnoddy - Just gave them a ring and they put me in touch with a place close to my home who do them for free! They said that Anna can start tomorrow.


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                  I think its free iof your in receipt of benefits, but if your not then she will have to pay on a sliding scale


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                    Beautiful sunny day here north of the border. Can't believe these prices, still free in most counties of Scotland.


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                      Originally posted by inouii:
                      Beautiful sunny day here north of the border. Can't believe these prices, still free in most counties of Scotland.
                      Dak is attending ESOL classes 4 times a week at our local college too and an additional ESOL class in the library...all free.


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                        Good luck and chok dee for all them getting ESOL(and whatever for free!)...but this is reaaaaaaaaaaaally starting to annoy me big style .
                        Whilst my wife was 'lucky enough' to pass her ESOL 'free'..the same college is now charging £260 per ESOL level...Why is that when all our 'poor cousins'(alledgley )are getting these free?
                        My wife is still taking courses..fees are running into 'substanial'(not ESOL..other courses NVQ,s etc).
                        Thers something wrong somewhere !
                        DEVOLUTION !!...I have been a labour supporter all my life but this is the 'pits' The visa charges are taramount to daylight robbery...i,m just waiting for an Irish or Scottie just to say they got that for 'free' too!!!!
                        Labours not getting my vote(best not tell my parents though )
                        I,m finding the situation today intolerable ;in its unfairness AND political correctness.
                        WHY ARE WE ENGLISH(apparently British) PAYING WHILST OTHER UK COUNTRIES AREN,T ?


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                          Cos' we're stoopid and so are the politicians!
                          'Tis me


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                            LOL perhaps your right Caller.
                            I,ll try a different politicians think that people who 'reside' in Scotland and N.ireland that poor ..that they need all the help they can get
                            Some how I think not...COME THE REVOLUTION
                            I,m voting on a geordie nation...(just lapsed into a thought of Alan Shearer becoming MP for Newcastle there )
                            Must stop drinking wine after a hard days graft


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                              I think you'll find political choices would seem to be irrelevant to B&I.