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ESOL course in Bangkok

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  • ESOL course in Bangkok

    Hi everyone. first post for me. My girlfriend lives in the north of Bangkok, and I'm trying to locate a school or english teacher who can coach her. I have been currently paying someone but her progress is slow and I don't think it's her fault

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    Hi Nealy, first thing i like the flag, reminds me of home.
    Anyway just want to ask a few questions, how many hours a week is your g/f learning and who is teaching (private, school).


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      Cheers mate, nice to meet you. She is currently studying from home. She has had 2 or 3 30 hour courses where the teacher has been a Thai national, and I think this is the problem. Kaew reads and wites very well but lacks conversation skills. I also feel she would be better to complete an esol course in Thailand as she hopes to move to the UK in the furture.


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        Nice to meet you to, right m8 almost all Thai can read and write English well.
        The problem here in the schools is they don’t get a chance in the classroom to
        Have English conversations.

        That’s because most Thai English teachers can only speak a little
        English themselves, don’t get me wrong they are very good at teaching English, But in reading and writing form only.

        I used to teach in a language school, doing 30 hr courses , and believe me you Work hard to get a result , most times you see only a little improvement in some of the students .

        The fact is they all come to learn conversation, but most times they wont even try and speak.
        And as soon as they leave the classroom, they forget everything they had learned from you .

        My wife speaks pretty good English , but it took her about a year and she taught Herself , she done this by learning ten words a day from the dictionary , and by that I
        Mean she learned the word plus the meaning and how it was used in a sentence.

        The next day she would learn ten more, then the day after that she would practice to see how many she remembered, then she would just work on the ones she found the most difficult.

        They say to learn a new language , for basic speaking you need to know at least 500
        Words and to speak it well you need at least 1000 words

        If your g/f is learning alone then it can be more difficult for her, as she will need to practice
        everyday for at least 2hrs or more, this could be made easier if she had someone to practice With.

        But both of them must be determined to learn , as the only danger i can see is that if the other person
        Is Thai then they will spend more time talking to each other in Thai.

        I don’t know if this will help you any , but I hope you may now understand a littl how things work. and maybe the reason for your g/fs slow progress.


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          Cheers Mate for your advice. I will suggest to Kaew that she follows your gf lead by learning 10 words per day. However is it possible to complete an esol course ?


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            I remember passing this place while I was over in BKK. They teach IELTS etc.

            New Cam,bridge.

            I don't know if they are good or not. I was looking with my wife for some English courses for her to improve her vocab and pronunciation since whe will be making some speeches in English due to her job. In the end she ended up having a few lessons after work each week by an ex-English teacher.

            One thing you may want to check is the nationality of any teacher ... there are some American teacher that could cause confusion with some words.


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              Thanks Karl for the lead. A very good point about the nationality of the teacher, I'll bear it in mind.