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IELTS Test...any info?

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  • IELTS Test...any info?

    We are just getting the ball rolling again for the settelemnt Visa application which we hope to submit sometime early in 2015
    My wife previously passed the BULATS at Vantage Siam but the pass is no longer accepted.

    Just wondered if anyone has any experience of the IELTS and in particular the Khon Kaen test centre which looks like its based at a Hotel?
    As my wife is in Udon Thani District it will be so much easier to go to Khon Kaen than BKK again.
    Reading up on this she would just do the General Paper exam and require a score of 4.0

    Thanks for any advice

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    I think only the KET test is recognised now and you have to take that in BKK..fee about 5900 baht?


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      Thanks for the reply Tuderowen1
      According to the IELTS website their test is recognised and its listed on
      and on the document updated Nov 2014 it says"For tests taken on or after 6 April 2013: no documents required (Scores must be verified using the Cambridge English online system using name, date of birth and passport number)"
      I shall email them for clarification. Its a minefield ;-(

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      Just read the document again
      Looks like an A1 pass is part of KET so yes you are correct Tuderowen1
      The IELTS is B1
      Vantage Siam BKK it is then


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        5900 baht!!!!! I'm an examiner of KET/PET and the other primary level ones and for the life of me cannot work out how they get that fee. Does that include training for the test or something? When I conduct tests students from other areas join together at the same time. Could your wife not test somewhere else or does it have to be at that exact location?


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          I've just had a quick look and it seems that International House in Bangkok also offers the KET plus a preparatory course which seems less expensive than Vantage Siam. But the IH web site doesn't give as much info about what they are offering except that they've got that 15 hour preparatory course at 4,500 Baht:

          Anyway, as I'm here in BKK and I'm looking for my lovely wife to take the KET in the new year, I'll contact IH to find out more...
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            I used to teach IELTS speaking and listening and have a few tips. Taking a prepatory course shortly before the test is a good idea. And remember, the course is not about learning English, rather how to write the test. For example write two pieces one of 150 words, another of 400 or so within 60 minutes, or translate graphs into prose, also with a ticking clock. Or hold a conversation, often with another student and also directly with the examiner. Rehearsing these activities in a class before the stress of a test day is good practice. A good IELTS teacher wastes no time teaching grammar.

            To students who were wondering where to sign up for ESL classes, I would advise them to go to a school on Monday to enquire, take the placement test to see what class you would be assigned to, and ask if you can sit in on a class for a period or so. Repeat on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. On Friday sign a contract with the school that bests suits you. But I don't think that works in IELTS.

            Chock dee.
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              Hi Barnet
              She lives North west of Udon Thani so BKK is probably the easiest place to go.
              She also visited Vantage siam late last year so she will be ok flying down.
              Where do you offer the test?


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                Well, after 5 days there has been no reply whatsoever to my queries about the prep course and KET dates from IH in Bangkok but yet consistently very prompt and helpful responses from Vantage Siam to those same queries.

                I think that I'll be following the Vantage Siam route. They wisely suggest that my wife takes their online placement test to determine the best pathway for her. I'm also QTS (UK Qualified Teacher), former headteacher/teacher trainer (plus TEFL qualified - was a postgrad at the excellent Aston Univ) blah, blah - so should be able to suss out the real story.

                It is disappointing that IH in Bangkok, which promotes itself on the basis that their teachers are native speakers and hold CELTA, doesn't seem to be up to the mark. IH in London has a great reputation.
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                  My wife took her CB KET test on Thursday at Vantage Siam.
                  She said it was a lot more difficult than the Bulats she had passed in April. she required the full 4 hours and not just an hour like last time.
                  Just go to wait for the results.....