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Satellite System at Lidls

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  • Satellite System at Lidls

    I received an email from Lidls and they are selling a satellite system from 28th August as follows:-

    Receiver for £39.99

    TV Cable Extention set for £9.99

    Satellite finder for £3.99

    Unversal Single LNB for £3.99

    85cm Dish for £14.99

    The total of this package is about £75.00. I dont know how good or bad it is so I was hoping someone with experience in this field might be able to give their view. Hopefully this may be a good buy for someone.

    Cheers Ally.
    "Don't buy the sun"

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    I bought one last time they sold them about 12 months ago. works perfectly, no problems. If you do decide to buy one I would recommend you get to the shop early, they sold like hot cakes in my area, some people buying 4 or 5 sets. I think you would need the larger dish for Hotbird. Alan


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      Can you get football on Alan?
      What can you get on ?
      I,d be interested to know cause I,ve binned cheaper alternatives would be appreciated+ I,m off next week ;A good opportunity to rig it up


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        Can you get football on Alan?
        What can you get on ?
        As far as I am aware, and I don't have Thai TV,but you can get footy, also the 3pm saturday kick offs, albeit in a different language, greek I think, not sure if you have to buy a card for the soccer though
        I'm there


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          I don't know about football I don't watch it. I bought it for Thai TV. There are all sorts of weird channels to surf. But you cannot use any sort of card there is no provision. You can only use it for free to air channels Alan


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            But you cannot use any sort of card there is no provision
            Sorry if I have confused things
            I'm there


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              Looks OK for the price. It will stay on one channel Thai, so it does not need to be very clever.

              The TV cable extension pack would not be any good for Satellite. Get proper sat. cable, the best quality you can. Also don't use a wall plate, connect the cable straight into the receiver.
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                Still no definite answer here boys
                Can you get football..or not?
                The wifes not bothered about watching thai TV theres my excuse blown out the window
                However if footy matches can be seen(i don,t care if greek,chinese or hindu commentary)...i,m sure it,ll pay for itself


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                  Fairly sure there's no free footy on Hotbird.

                  There are some young ladies talking on the phone, minus clothes.

                  No idea what for.
                  To Infinity and Beyond !


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                    if you want football try looking for a reciever that allows viewing cards to be inserted . then have a look for art viewing cards ,there is normaly 3-4 saturday kick offs and a few games on a sunday . There is also live frnch,german spanish ,asian and south american footbal ,aswell as uefa cup and champions league .All games with english soudtrack .
                    This is an arbric card and shows more football than anyone else .

                    You could also look for Digitalb veiwing cards .This is an albanian card and show elp on a saturd and sunday as well as other european games .
                    there is also exotic movies on some of the channels after 9pm uncut .
                    There is a movie channel on this card which shows all movies in the original soundtrack ,a mate of mine tells me it is much better and cheaper than sky .once i have the credits i shall be purchasing either digitalb or the art card .

                    hope this helps for all your footie needs


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                      What and how many Thai stations does it pick up?
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                        the ART card veiwing card is for hotbird 13east. i may be wrong but i think thai tv braodcasts of the same satilite.if so you can pick up the card for around £120 for 12months nonstop football .

                        Digitalb card £140 for 12 months - as far as i can tell there is no thai tv available .

                        I will have to check with my gf if she would like thai tv or not .
                        If she is not intrested in thai tv then i will more than likely go for digitalb as it has footie plus a movie channel showing all the latest movies all in original soundtracks.

                        if she wants thai tv then it will be the arabic card we will get .Footie heaven ,all games have english soundtrack
                        this card has something like 4-5 channel dedicated to football:-)
                        it also has a movie channel but all in arabic :-(

                        as far as i know the lidl receiver will not take any viewing cards ,so you will have to get a receiver that allows cards to be inserted .

                        i am still researching which is the best way to go and what equipment i will need .once i know for sure i'll let you know .

                        maybe others on here can help out with technical info .



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                          I've been looking at getting an Art card for the bosslady (she loves the footie), cheapest I've seen them is 89.99 for 12 months.

                          Our receiver is a Humax CRCI-5500, it has a card slot and 2 slots for cams, though I can't work out whether we need the viaccess cam or not?? If we do, it is another 50 quid to the total.

                          Would any techie out there have an answer?



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                            A word of warning:
                            Avoid Art cards that seem too cheap there are loads of stolen cards floating around (even from main dealers who are unaware they are hot) Arabesque are switching these cards off one by one