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The Serpent. BBC One 9pm 1/1/2021

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  • The Serpent. BBC One 9pm 1/1/2021

    A new eight part TV series based on the crimes and killings committed by con artist Charles Sobhraj on the Asian "Hippy Trail" in the 1970s.

    BBC One - The Serpent, Series 1, Episode 1

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    It's not great won't win any awards


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      Episode 1 was a bit hit and miss, Bangkok in the 70's is a good setting though. Would have been a good time to have been in Thailand.

      It's got my interest...not much else on telly at the moment


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        Given the dearth of anything of interest on TV, I binge watched the whole series over the weekend.

        The story develops with some twists and turns, albeit that we already know how it all ends. The scenes from 1970s Bangkok are certainly evocative of a Thailand long gone, and Tahar Rahim as the psychopathic/sociopathic serial killer was a strength. However the frequent flipping back and forth between different time periods was sometimes distracting. That said, the credits at the close of the final episode gave an interesting review of what happened to the main characters in real life.
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          I thought it was absolutely brilliant..Best thing on TV for a long time..I saw it over 3 nights on BBC iplayer...My Thai wife also agreed it was first class..


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            I really enjoyed it, but agree it could have done without the going back and forth all the time.


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              I have watched up to episode 3 so far. I have enjoyed it, but like others, this back and forth is far to much.


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                If you're only on Episode 3 it's going to get far worse for you ;-)

                I binged watched the whole series and thought it was really well filmed, apart from the back and forth, and incredible to think that it based on real events and was allowed to go on for so long, very thought provoking.


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                  I have just watched the first two episodes, enjoying it so far, I can agree about the back and forth, if you dont watch it and pay attention you could easily get yourself lost.


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                    It was really enjoyable, good escapism, acting a bit stilted at times but transports you to 1970's Bangkok/ Asia.


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                      I see the BBC have been criticised by the charity group ASH for glamorising smoking to viewers in their 1970's drama, The Serpent.
                      Well, it hasn't encouraged me to start again.

                      ASH Daily News for 08 January 2021 (

                      BBC shamed for ‘glorifying smoking’ in new series The Serpent | UK | News |