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Quick Q: Buying A Laptop: Thailand or UK?

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  • Quick Q: Buying A Laptop: Thailand or UK?

    The Mrs wants to buy a laptop here to take to Thailand. I would have thought they would be cheaper over there? Your advice would be very welcome.

    NB I will be in Udon, probably not visiting Bangkok at all.



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    Personally I think buying in Thailand would be more advantageous for support and configuration (especially keyboard and language) for a native Thai, if it's going to be predominantly there. If it's equal or more use in the UK though then buy in the UK. Big C and the stores around always seemed to have good deals on every so often in Udon Thani if buying there eg

    Don't assume cheaper in Thailand, you could do price comparisons with the ones in the link to see whether cheaper or more expensive. Phantip Plaza in Bangkok is the only place I'm aware of where great bargains may be found, but you could end up with a wrong-un.


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      Being a programmer, I'd buy in the UK. Better wider choice, probably cheaper too because of the competition on the Internet and the possibility of cashback. And the laptops here come with proper software.

      I've bought a couple in Thailand before, in Pantip. One was for me, another for my wife. The choice wasn't as good and once you price in Windows they weren't any cheaper. It was a pain dealing with counterfeit Windows on my wife's laptop. It may work for a while then it stops and you have to find something else (and hope that it's not disguised malware). Turning off updates would cut your nose off to spite your face. Even for a programmer, it's a pain and not worth your while to have counterfeit software. Over here, I got tired of it and bought a proper Windows licence for my wife's laptop on the Internet. It was pretty cheap.

      You can change the language and locale of any Windows laptop easily with a few clicks. I guess she wouldn't have the Thai keys on the keyboard if she bought here but she could get stickers or whatever for those on Ebay or Amazon or Thailand anyway. She could probably pay a pittance for someone to put the stickers on in Thailand.

      Repairs are pretty cheap over there. My old (UK) laptop conked out on our recent holiday and I paid less than I would have done here.
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          Mrs brought her Labtop over from the UK , she has a programme installed for writing in Thai where the Thai keyboard comes up on the bottom of the screen and writes using the cursor and the work can be saved to Microsoft Office etc ....
          If she has a lot to write she has a Thai keyboard that plugs into a USB which she bought here at Fortune Town (BKK) but can buy anywhere ...she s just said it was less than 200 baht .
          bangkok mags


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            There is not much left in Pantip ?? (I am thinking about the one near Pratunam) last time I was there the place looked half empty. There maybe deals on Lazada and shop at 7 . I was offered a laptop in Tesco lotus once with fake windows on it.
            Does anyone have an opinion on a thai national buying from currys in the store and getting the duty back at the airport it feasible ??

            Try looking at this and no windows either 412 pounds at 45b = 1gbp not much of a bargain IMHO


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              I would see if Apple had a refurb store in Thailand (My guess is that it does) and buy a Mac
              Book Air. You can save quite a bit of money on the UK store where I buy quite a bit with the same warranty as anything new that Apple sells. You just won’t get the very latest. On my Air I run the Mac OS and Windows as well.

              You can buy keyboards for many countries on the Apple store but you would have to buy a new computer to get a Thai keyboard if you bought from Apple in the UK.


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                just bought an asus i7, 15.6inch, 1 tb hd, 8gb ddr4. 2 year warranty. pre installed legit w10 home 22,000 baht from banana. well pleased


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                  When I've been to Thailand I have always had a look around to see if I could pick up a new Apple laptop of iPad cheaper than in the UK. It was only slightly cheaper to buy in Thailand and now with the terrible conversation rate now it may work out more expensive.

                  I would also prefer to return or repair the laptop from somewhere I've bought it in UK unless of course you live in Thailand.

                  If you want a Thai keyboard on the laptop you can buy a Thai keyboard cover.
                  I have one for my Macbook and it is a silicon keyboard that you place over the keys. I also have a short cut where I press command + space bar which switches between the languages. Pretty decent.