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Anyone tried this Thai<>Enhlish Translation APP

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  • Anyone tried this Thai<>Enhlish Translation APP

    This is quite new for THAI and available from iTunes and GooglePlay

    any one tried it or can recommend another one? Will be used by a Thai friend visiting abroad...

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    I had a quick look, but didn't download it in the end (£2.99 to find out if it might be good).

    There are many problems translating from Thai, things that get computers confused. The words for 'I' 'You' 'She' etc. all have other meanings in different contexts, so I'm always wary of claims that online translators work with Thai.

    Also, how would it recognise what tones the speaker was using?

    I'd also be interested to hear from anyone who's put their £2.99 down and tried it, sorry I wasn't more helpful
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      Anyone tried this Thai<>Enhlish Translation APP

      Will probably give it a miss.


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        No and a free one I got on my Samsung Galaxy is rather inacurate, when I tried some of the words it translated on wifey she said "stick with English darlink as Thai's will understand you better"

        colin 244


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          I have the google translate on my Iphone wife says its very accurate, got it on a free download.
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            If its anything like the standard web version its anything but accurate. Usually kicks out jibberish whenever I've tried to use google translate.....unless whatever I've been trying to translate was jibberish in the first place of course



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              I know google translate is a free app on android phones and that works fine.