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Cheap calls to Thailand on Virgin

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  • Cheap calls to Thailand on Virgin

    Anyone know any numbers to access cheap calls to Thailand using a Virgin landline.

    We are just in the process of switching over from TalkTalk and wanted to try and get ahead of the game. We were paying either 1p/m or 0.5p/m before

    Cheers in advance

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    We are with TalkTalk, and use Localphone
    to call LOS. Currently 0.6p/m they allocate you with
    a local number for each of your contacts, and as
    Talk Talk do not charge for local calls no connection fee!
    Dont know if its the same with Virgin but worth a try.

    And as you pre pay with them no nasty surprises when
    the bill comes in.


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      dial wise look online for the the numbers you need.thailand 1p a min for mob.2p landline no,s


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        Buy cheap, pay twice.


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          Axel, beware of Virgin connection rates to 0845 numbers. Most of the cheap 1p per minute lines are with an 0845 prefix. Virgin charges 9.5p connection to 0845 numbers

          Virgin Call Rates

          This may not sound a lot however the number of times connections are dropped and have to be re-dialled it soon mounts up.

          B.T have free calls to 0845


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            I am on Virgin myself

            Depending upon the tariff you are on - free evenings or free evenings and weekends or free anytime etc will answer your question better; however as Fish says seems to me the best option if you plan on using a landline.

            We use 18185 as a backup (can use via landline or mobile) - main calls made from home via internet on voipdiscount

            Just to quantify this - your free virgin minutes will allow you to access a free UK number and then the onward call cost will be 0.5 or 1p per minute (can't remember the current rate)

            As Zippo says the 0845 and 0844 number work out much more expensive due to connection charges and indeed pence per minute prices


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              Try this, call Thailand either landline or mobile is 0.6 p / min.



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                Thank you for the excellent replies. I am currently offshore and not been near a computer much lately.

                My wife had virgin media connected at home today so I will forward the messages on to her so she can try some of the suggestions. We have no intention of using the 0845/0844 numbers due to the reasons outlined in some of the other posts.

                I had 3 great years with talktalk but we dicided to bin sky and go with cable instead


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                  Are you sure BT are free to 0844/0845 numbers, I changed to 18185 because BT started charging?


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                    Originally posted by Robert 5000 View Post
                    Are you sure BT are free to 0844/0845 numbers, I changed to 18185 because BT started charging?
                    I expect it depends on the type of calling plan you are on.
                    Buy cheap, pay twice.


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                      Phoning Thailand

                      I use Talk for Longer - 1p a minute after the call to a London number - and my plan with Orange gives me unlimited access to UK landlines....


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                        Skype Subscription


                        Do you know about SKYPE (VOIP)? I subscribe to Skype every month and it only costs me £3.49 every month and is unlimited - up to 6 hours everyday is the Fair Usage policy and no extra cost. My wife has been using it for 4 months now and she loves it and does not need to worry about how long she is on the telephone. I have a cordless skype phone which i bout for 15 pounds. Skype introduced Thailand into their packages and you can call both landlines and mobile in LOS.

                        Since starting with this we have had no connection probs and have not used 18185 either. If we are elsewhere I can log into my Skype account and do the same.

                        Hope this adds to the already valuable info.

                        BTW...when using Virgin - I am a customer - the 0808 number for 18185 is free currently to dial until further notice that is....I think if you have a £ phone also you can access Skype from your mobile and a subscription.

                        Just go to
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                          Agree totally about 'Skype Country'. We all have '3' phones with Skype pre-installed so while Lek has been back in Thailand for 6 weeks, myself and the boys were able to share my Skype Login and call her, and the rest of the Thai side of the family for a minimal outlay. Superb connections wherever she was, no echo/delay and no extra numbers to dial first, just add the numbers to the Skype contacts and you're away. Now that Lek is back I'll set her account up and won't have to worry about any 'surprising' phone bills.
                          Gordie T Geordie


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                            Originally posted by GTG View Post
                            We all have '3' phones with Skype pre-installed
                            Hi Gordie - bit technically challenged, so which phones exactly are they. Do they connect directly to an Internet wireless hub?
                            aka Spud


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                              Originally posted by manfarang View Post
                              Hi Gordie - bit technically challenged, so which phones exactly are they. Do they connect directly to an Internet wireless hub?
                              At the moment we're using an LG Viewty, 2 INQ1s and a Nokia E63. Skype comes pre-installed on most 3 phones now, all the 3G ones anyway. They also do very cheap contract bundles including unlimited internet and unlimited free 3 to 3 calls, which is why I've got us all on 3 - no excuses for the lads not keeping in touch because they are out of credit!

                              They use 3's mobile internet network for Skype. Doing Skype to Skype in the UK I found there was a bit of lag/echo but Skype to mobiles/landlines in Thailand was superb.
                              Gordie T Geordie