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Wifes phone call to bank

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  • Wifes phone call to bank

    That was funnie i suggested that she needs to contact her bank and to inform them that a large sum will be debited (F L M-M) out off her account and not for there to be any problems ,Now she has just passed B 1 with merit but i soon found out how far behind she is ,To pass sercurity question do you have any regular transactions out of your account ?wife =yes asda op=question how much ? wife =about £100 a month .op =we start again do you make any payments regular ?wife yes energy .op whats the name of the company ?wife =gas at this point i had to leave the room as the op was a native indian on and on for 30 mins this went on for i have not laughed so much for a long time eventually they got pass sercurity ,now she has a pin code so she can by pass all the questions ,