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    Dial 123 on instant access use 0843 not sure how it works with a subscription as you have to sign up to find out, but the calls are more expensive on subscription...that may be a clue.


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      We have used Localphone for several years with no problems. Occasionally a bad line but usually remedied by just calling again.

      Dial123 allocate an individual 020 prefixed number for each contact in Thailand. Cost around 1.3p per min to a mobile according to the last statement, although their website show a rate of 2.5p per min to a mobile.
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        We are going to give Lycamobile a try, we have a old unlocked phone that we can just use to call Thailand with.

        They send you a free sim card and its £10 for 1000 mins to any mobile or landline with no connection charge that I can see. The bundle for this is Thailand only which is not a problem for us. Plus 1gb of data

        Appears that it can be topped up just about anywhere.

        At the moment the only downside I can see is the mins must be used within 30 days, but I`m sure it won`t last that long before it needs topping up!

        If it works ok it will be cheaper than what we are using now, I will report back when it arrives with any issues in case its of use to anyone else.


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          We too use LocalPhone and service and costs have been excellent :-)


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            Originally posted by Daniele View Post
            Are you happy with your subscription with Localphone Lucky...?? I dont know anyone using it...sounds ok, just wanted to find out if you were happy with the quality of calls and prices...
            A bit late on the reply as just got back from LOS but we have used LocalPhone for years and there is the occasional connection problem but overall the quality and service is very good.
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              Thank you for the replies....will have a go with LocalPhone from July....


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                If you have a spare mobile phone you might consider getting a free sim card from Calls to both landline and mobile in Thailand are 1p per min. Quality is good.


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                  Still waiting for the free sim we applied to Lyca for 6 days ago.

                  Had an automated email stating it had been dispatched the day after ordering, so god only knows where it is coming from!!


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                    Gave up waiting for the free sim to arrive( it never did), found out they sell them for 99p in the shop opposite where I top it up!!

                    Dead easy to use, just top up £10 and you get a pin number just the same as Thailand, this is valid for 12 months

                    Top it up, then using a number on the website, transfer that £10 to the far east bundle, that gives you 1000 mins valid for a month.


                    Cheap at a penny a min and no connection charge.
                    She can now call the family while we are out rather than being tied to a landline.
                    Easy to set up.
                    Very good line quality so far, no dropping out issues.


                    Once you have transferred the £10 to the bundle you can`t view the balance as it says £0 so you have no idea when you are about to use the 1000 mins until it runs out.


                    On the face of it a bit of a faff but its cheaper than way used before on the landline.


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                      Are you describing your experience with Lyca or



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                        Big Al,
                        That is using Lyca, no issues to report so far and the Little Lady is happy with it which is the main thing!

                        We brought a cheap Nokia from Argos for 12 quid and that's now the "Thai" phone

                        So far she has not used the 1000 mins although she must have been close, and you get a text message 24 hrs before it runs out reminding you to top up.


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                          There is always a normal, geographic number behind these 0844 and 0870 etc. numbers. With a bit of fishing around you can usually find it - I find this website very useful


                          I've also found (in a lot of cases) that these companies have an 0800 number for sales enquiries and phoning that and asking to be put through to customer service or whatever, often works. Also, some give a normal geographic number out for callers from abroad - that usually puts you through to exactly the same place that would answer the 0844 number.

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                          Originally posted by nigel&panada View Post
                          Skype to Thailand £3-55 a month, Line app free.
                          Really? I've never paid a penny for Skype. I also use Line but only for voice calls, my phone won't accept the video calling application


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                            Just to add support for Localphone. You get a unique local number for each thai number you register and can call from landline or mobile. It's a little bit of a pain to set up as you have to register the numbers you want to call and the numbers you can call from, but that's a one-off for most people. You then get a very good website to see call history and charges. Current quoted rates are 1.8p/min landline and 4.7p/min mobile but we seem to pay around 1.5p/min to mobile for some reason.

                            We've never had a problem with it until this morning but it turned out it was at the Thailand end.