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Dreams of house building in isaan 1.0

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  • Dreams of house building in isaan 1.0

    The UK based lady has a couple of plots available and I am looking to build some thing modest. I am starting to work out how I want matters progressing.
    I am keen to avoid the usual with posts and infilled with solid walls and a concrete pad. My aim is to avoid damp walls.

    I have seen a few properties built above the ground.

    Any thoughts

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    We are building this year in Isaan. 85 square metre property. it will be one floor but not raised off the ground. There will be a balcony / terrace at the front and an internal and external kitchen as I understand outside cooking is a preference to inside. A roof will cover it all and seems to be a major factor in the cost dependant on the quality of roof you want. My understanding is that if you put down a secure cement foundation and give it sufficient time to set like a month or two then you will not have problems or that seems to be the view of our builder who seems to have a good reputation (fingers crossed). My understanding is that you have to be careful of your seasons when building as well. For your information costs of building have shot up. Last year we were looking at spending about 800 K baht with a high quality roof but now the costs will be nearer 1.1 million baht. Hope that helps


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      Originally posted by nickj1000 View Post
      Hope that helps
      It does help but the issue is the lack of anything resembling a dpc . I guess i need some means of isolating the pillars from the ground around them. Someone did suggest putting the pillars in plastic pipe concreting inside and out.


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        My girlfriend sisters house in Khon Kaen in the process of being built, it’s raised off the ground and then blocks placed around the perimeter so you don’t see the raised floor cost is 1 million baht


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          May I ask the size of the property. Curious to compare building costs as my wife's land is about 30 minutes drive from Khon Kaen
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            Some pictures of the sister in laws house…hopefully they load up….doesn’t matter what I do I get a warning saying the files to big. It’s a 3 bedroom two bathroom place small inside kitchen and a medium sized lounge Al in 1 million baht just near the Tesco lotus’s in Khon Kaen off the mitraphap road
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