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Cost of building a house in Isaan Thailand

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    Originally posted by Gary & Nok View Post
    It's the same with us, built it for holidays (and initially her Mum) so only used by us maybe once a year (if that some years as Nok would rather work than go on holiday since her mum was killed) but to be honest the place is not for me, well not for more than 2 or 3 days. It is in the middle of nowhere, albeit not far from the Mekong river but being the only person that can speak English with me is Nok it's hard work after a while.
    Her brother currently lives there and looks after the place but is getting married so will be moving out as soon as that happens (goes to live with the wife's family) so her sister is going to move in to take care of the place.

    Anyway, it will be good to see the progress and some pics along the way.
    Language is an issue for sure. I have been learning some Thai but like all languages even when you can speak some it is still is a problem in normal conversation unless you are very good at it. My Spanish is a bout 50 per cent but it is still hard work speaking with a native Spaniard. Very sorry to hear about Nok's mother. My wife has the same idea as Nok I think in that she would rather be earning in the UK than holidaying in Thailand. Will post pics when things get started. Cheers